ClearVue forms partnership to develop ultimate smart window

ASX-listed ClearVue Techologies and Netherlands-based eLstar Dynamics B.V are planning to develop the ultimate remote controlled, energy generating “smart window” by combining both company’s proprietary technologies into one window. The partners have penned a synergistic agreement that will combine Clearvue’s window glass energy generation technology with eLstar’s dynamic/switchable and dimmable glazing technology. The partners are planning to develop a window that can be controlled remotely to increase or decrease the sunlight coming through whilst generating its own power.

Clearvue has developed two products that can be fitted to window glass that will be utilized in the development, both of which turn window glass into solar powered energy generating units. The first is a thin laminate film, pressed between two pieces of window glass, which collects energy from the sun before distributing it to the company’s other proprietary product, a solar panel of sorts located at the edge of each window panel.

eLstar has developed a switchable glass product that uses “electrophoresis”, which is a type of nano-particle technology that can be applied within either glass or plastic. The technology is placed as a particle “interlayer” into glass and is used to control transparency, similar to a light filter. The technology can control how quickly light is dimmed up or down and can even control the colour of the glass.

In many ways, eLstars products can be considered a replacement for blinds, and curtains as they can control the way light filters into a building, from black to grey hues.

According to eLstar, its products can dramatically reduce building costs, window weights and maintenance costs.

They also have the potential to reduce power needed for HVAC and lighting in buildings, because the transparency level of the technology is fully “tuneable”.

eLstars products need an internal source of energy however to allow the control systems to function which is a perfect entre for Clearvue. 

Chief Executive Officer of eLstar Dynamics BV, Mr Anthony Slack said: ”Getting power to a window, especially in a retro-fit application is not an easy task and is expensive. By combining the PV, battery and an electrophoretic dynamic glazing system together end-customers can benefit from a completely autonomous solution - windows that are at the same time highly energy-efficient, generate power, offer maximum comfort and control of lighting levels, can be automatically controlled or can integrate with smart control and IoT building control and management solutions - all without the necessity for expensive and difficult to integrate wiring needing to be connected to the windows to operate them.” 

The new collaborative testing arrangements with eLstar is a significant move into the European energy market for ClearVue and sets the terms for a potential JV arrangement down the track if the trial goes to plan. 

Initially, ClearVue and eLstar will combine their respective intellectual property to develop a prototype that can be demonstrated during a live trial, which will be scaled up if successful. 

ClearVue Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg said: “The eLstar dynamic glazing technologies are at the cutting edge of the glazing industry and are a perfect fit for ClearVue’s photovoltaic glazing technologies.” 

ClearVue’s partnership with eLstar at face value appears to be a perfect meeting of minds and opportunity. 

One needs power to run and the other provides power and is looking for additional smarts to bolt on. 

With every new home and commercial building needing windows, the market for windows and glazing is truly massive and it most likely just comes down to cost now for ClearVue and eLstar. 

If the partners can produce a reasonably priced product, it is hard to see a market that would not embrace a window that is self-powered and can increase or decrease sunlight on demand – amongst other things.


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