01/10/2019 - 10:45

ClearVue firing on multiple fronts in WA

01/10/2019 - 10:45


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ClearVue Technologies has provided a comprehensive market update for its unique, transparent, solar glass window technology that includes detailed safety certification test work and the development of a range of solar PV strip modules to maximise size options and minimise production costs. The company is also working closely with industrial outfit, Mirreco, to develop that company’s “eco mini-home”, that showcase ClearVue’s solar windows.

ClearVue firing on multiple fronts in WA

ASX-listed solar window glass developer, ClearVue Technologies, has provided a comprehensive technical update on its various projects and ongoing activities, including international safety certification test work for its unique, transparent, solar glass modules that incorporate solar photovoltaic, or “PV”, elements, that generate electricity from sunlight.

The company said that testing protocols are underway at Underwriters Laboratories and the International Electrotechnical Commission, to gain appropriate accreditation for its products.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of November, management said.

Elsewhere, ClearVue has confirmed the completion of a scientific, technical study carried out by researchers from the Edith Cowan University for a trial of its transparent solar glass at the Warwick Grove Shopping Centre, north of Perth.

The study forms the basis for a peer-reviewed scientific journal article, recently published in the globally distributed journal publication, Applied Sciences.

The work focussed on the photovoltaic performance characteristics of the solar glass, such as electrical power output, specific yield, day-to-day consistency of peak power output and the energy both generated and stored daily.

The article examined the emerging market opportunities for the glass, saying the sector is forecast to expand from USD$6.7b at present to USD$32.2b by 2024, at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 23.4% over the forecast period.

ClearVue also said works were developing well with BeyondPV in Taiwan.

Beyond PV and ClearVue are parties to an MoU to develop a range of solar PV strip modules with a view to maximising size options for usage in insulated glass units, while minimising production costs and maximising usable area of the glass panels.

The company said that BeyondPV had now optimised the form factor of the solar strip modules to three different lengths that can be combined in various permutations, suitable for the area of window space to be covered.

ClearVue said it was progressing the formal OEM supply agreement with BeyondPV and hoped to sign this off in the coming weeks.

The company has also been working closely with Perth-based progressive industrial outfit, Mirreco, towards the development of that company’s first demonstration hemp-based eco mini-home, now branded “Project Lumecast”.

Mirreco has secured a development site at WA’s new world-class eco-village development located near Fremantle.

The company’s Lumecast hemp “Carbon Architecture” mini-home will showcase ClearVue’s PV power generating window panels and Mirreco’s Carbon Asset Storage Technology and forms part of a broader sustainable urban housing demonstration village.

Every home will also be equipped with EV chargers and there is a shared area of fast EV charging stations for residents and guests.

Last but not least, ClearVue said that it had made progress with Murdoch University in Perth, for the construction and installation of a greenhouse, that will be covered with the company’s solar glass panels, with activities expected to ramp-up in coming months after appropriate council approvals are received.


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