07/05/2020 - 13:21

ClearVue boosts smart window power output

07/05/2020 - 13:21


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ClearVue Technologies has boosted the power output of its smart solar window glass panel prototype by a massive 33 per cent to 40 watts per square metre after enlisting help from solar specialist, D2 Solar, based in San Jose in California’s Silicon Valley. The uplift in power output cannot be overstated for the ASX-listed ClearVue and may be something of a game changer.

ClearVue Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg

ClearVue Technologies has boosted the power output of its smart solar window glass panel prototype by a healthy 33 per cent to 40 watts per square metre after enlisting help from Silicon Valley solar specialist, D2 Solar.

The uplift in power output from ClearVue’s photovoltaic integrated glazing unit, or “PV IGU”, comes from improved optical efficiency between the IGU’s luminescent interlayer and the PV cells at its edge, with the successful trials being run under standard test conditions and at peak power output.

Management has successfully collaborated with D2 Solar in California to deliver power output improvements without any expected additional cost per square metre to the finished unit.  All improvements in power output and module design have been achieved without any loss in end-product aesthetics or transparent aperture area.

The significant uplift in the power output of ClearVue’s smart solar windows cannot be overstated and may be something of a game changer for the ASX-listed company. In fact, it is all about the power output for ClearVue as the greater the output, the more options there are for devices that could potentially be powered by energy collected from the sun, courtesy of its smart windows.

ClearVue said it will now look to push on with its product testing process to add this technological development to its product portfolio with a view to receiving refreshed product certification by 2021.

The company will now take this proof-of-concept testing effort forward to continue development of the new module design for production and fabrication purposes, in parallel with the certification process.

ClearVue Executive Chairman, Victor Rosenberg said: “I am personally very proud to announce this major milestone for the company with an uplift in power from 30w per square metre peak to 40w per square metre peak representing a 33% increase in performance. The uplift in power was achieved through ongoing research and development work to fine tune the ClearVue IGU product design over the last 8 months without changing the fundamental structure or underlying technology in any material way. Importantly this increase in power in the current design will have an immediate material impact on the payback period for customer projects as well as carbon embodiment for the ClearVue product. We anticipate that as our other research and development works already underway progress, we will be able to further improve upon this performance.”

This should also be good news for ClearVue’s Chinese partner, Beijing Jinmao Green Building Technology Co. Ltd, who has an agreement with ClearVue to market and distribute its smart solar window glass panels in mainland China.  ClearVue will no doubt be looking for the successful power uplift to help the two companies lock in a formal, possibly exclusive, distribution arrangement after the completion of its recently announced trial construction project.

ClearVue already has a manufacturing agreement with Chinese aluminium window and door manufacturer, Jiangsu YY Windows and Curtain Wall System Company.  The China-based company manufactures aluminium double and triple glazed windows, with Australian and New Zealand markets making up around 80% of its business.  It is also a significant supplier to the US market.

The company also secured a lucrative manufacturing and supply agreement with Taiwan’s BeyondPV Company for the initial production of over 200,000 solar strip modules. 

China is the perfect market for ClearVue’s solar generating smart windows – it has scale, building activity and a problem with fossil fuelled energy generation.

With some Chinese apartment developments literally stretching for a kilometre of two, achieving even a pufteenth of the Chinese window market could be a glasses-down moment for the $9m market capped ClearVue.


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