13/04/2022 - 11:00

Calling all innovators for the 2022 Curtinnovation Awards

13/04/2022 - 11:00


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Calling all innovators for the 2022 Curtinnovation Awards

After winning the Science and Engineering Award at last year’s Curtinnovation Awards, Perth based biotech startup VetChip has achieved enormous success which Curtin University is looking to replicate in the 2022 awards.

The Curtinnovation Awards are for anyone with an idea for an exciting new product, service or technology that can be developed through research and collaboration at Curtin University and has a positive impact on the world.

Since winning the award, VetChip has raised substantial investment, started large animal clinical trials, and received a number of pre-orders from prospective customers.

Its product resolves the problem of owners and veterinarians being unable to prevent serious illness in their pets who cannot tell their owners when they are unwell. 

It does this via what’s believed to be the world’s first ‘smart microchip’, a subcutaneous biosensor device that uses tiny sensors to monitor an animal’s key health vitals that can alert the owner to any abnormalities.

The initial idea came from veterinarian Garnett Hall, who believes animals deserved a better technological solution to illness prevention than the current industry standard of wearable collars and trackers. 

He says winning the Science and Engineering category prize in the 2021 Curtinnovation Awards was a catalyst for rapid growth.

“Since winning the award last year, we have conducted our first external capital raise which was fully subscribed in less than a week; grown our team from six to 14 staff; and signed research partnerships with several major universities across Australia,” he says.

“We are very appreciative for the help and support from Curtin University, and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many years.”

Curtin University Director of Commercialisation Rohan McDougall says it’s been a very rewarding experience watching VetChip grow as a company.

“The Curtinnovation Awards encourage broader industry engagements between our staff, students and research teams through collaborative relationships and VetChip is a prime example of how this collaboration can generate exciting results for all involved,” he says.

“The awards embody Curtin’s commitment to delivering excellence and impact in research and innovation whilst fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.”

Applications are open to local businesses looking to work with Curtin on developing their innovation further. Curtin staff, researchers, and current and prospective students are also encouraged to apply.

Winners not only share in a $100,000 prize pool, but also get the chance to present their idea to Perth’s research, business, and investor community, and receive a scholarship to Curtin’s entrepreneurship programs Ignition or Accelerate. Entries close June 10, 2022.

Interested applicants are invited to join Mr McDougall, and former Curtinnovation Award winners Climate Clever’s Dr Vanessa Rauland and Hyprfire’s Stefan Prandl at 1pm Wednesday May 11 for a LinkedIn Live information session.


For more information about the awards, visit https://engage.curtin.edu.au/entrepreneurs/curtinnovation-awards/.



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