15/08/2016 - 13:17

Board moves July 27 - August 12 2016

15/08/2016 - 13:17


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Regal Resources has appointed Mark Arnesen as chief executive and executive director.

Platypus Minerals has appointed Joe Walsh as chief executive.

Resource Mining Corporation has appointed Amanda Sparks as joint company secretary.

Minera Gold has appointed Zane Lewis as company secretary.

Ross McKay has resigned as non-executive director at MMJ PhytoTech.

Bronte Howson has retired from Automotive Holdings Group as chief executive. AHG has appointed John McConnell as chief executive (commencing 29 August 2016) and managing director (commencing 1 January 2017).

Merchant House has appointed Robert Burton as director.

Mark Canepa has resigned from xTV Networks as a director. xTV Networks has appointed Harry Hill as a non-executive director.

Minera Gold has appointed Tim Morrison as a director.

Tim Netscher has resigned as a non-executive chairman of Toro. John Cahill will assume the role of chair from 1 September 2016. 

South32 has appointed Melanie Williams as a company secretary. 

BauMart has appointed Matthew Logan as an executive director.

Carajas Copper has appointed Kelly Snyman as joint company secretary.

Atlas Iron has appointed Tony Walsh a director.

Galaxy Resources has appointed Michael Fotios non-executive director.

Michael Kitney and Alan Still have resigned as directors of General Mining.

Mark Calderwood has resigned as a non-executive director of Explaurum.

Goldphyre Resources has appointed Ms Leigh-Ayn Absolom as company secretary.

 Minera Gold has appointed Nicholas Rowley as a director.

Peninsula Mines has appointed Lawrence Jonathon Dugdale chief executive officer.

Ranko Matic has resigned as company secretary of Valmec. Harveer Singh has been appointed as company secretary.

Paul Price has been appointed as non-executive chair of Northern Manganese. Rodney Foster has been appointed chief executive. Mark Maine has been appointed company secretary replacing Robert Marusco.

1-page has appointed Linda Dillon company secretary replacing Scott Mison who has resigned.

Brett Lambert has resigned as chief executive of ABM Resources.

Cradle Resources has appointed Ian Middlemas as non-executive chair. Former chair Craig Burton remains a non-executive director.

iWebGate has appointed Robert Turner as non-executive director.

Tyranna Resources has appointed Nick Revell technical director. Tyranna also appointed Frank Lesko non-executive director. Yugi Gouw has been appointed chief financial officer and joint company secretary. Ian Finch and Neil McKay have resigned as directors of the company. Joseph Pinto has been appointed non-executive chair.

Magnum Gas and Power has appointed Beverley Nichols company secretary, replacing Mark Pitts who has resigned.

Ross Gillon has resigned as a non-executive director of Millennium Minerals.

Mount Burgess Mining has appointed Harry Warries non-executive director.

Oklo Resources appointed Michael Fotios as non-executive chair and Madani Diallo as a non-executive director. Simon O’Loughlin has stepped down from his role as non-executive director.

Sunbird Energy has appointed Barnaby Egerton-Warburton a director.

Shark Mitigation Systems has appointed Simon O’Sullivan as general manager.

Troy Resources has appointed David Southam as an independent non-executive director.

DigitalX has appointed Toby Hicks non-executive director.

Mathew Whyte has resigned as company secretary of Kingston Resources. He is replaced by Rozanna Lee.

Stuart Third has resigned as alternate director for Paul Piercy of Quest Minerals.

Siburan Resources has appointed Neil Sheather a non-executive director.

Shree Minerals  has appointed Rajesh Bothra non-executive chair. Outgoing executive chair, Sanjay Loyalka will continue as a director and company secretary.

iWebGate executive chair James Tsiolis has been become interim chief executive of the company. Tim Gooch moves to a new role as director innovation and business development and Robert Hayden joins the management team as chief operating officer.

Zeta Petroleum has appointed Simon Trevisan non-executive director, replacing Bogdan Popescu.


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