21/11/2016 - 18:01

Board Moves October 22 to November 15, 2016

21/11/2016 - 18:01


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Quest Minerals has appointed Paul Piercy non-executive chair and Dennis Gee non-executive director to fill the casual vacancies created by the failures of Mr Piercy and Mr Gee to be re-elected at the company’s 2016 and 2015 annual general meetings respectively (both held on November 14 2016).

Platypus Minerals has appointed Shontel Norgate chief financial officer.

Naiming Li and Mark Mussin have resigned as directors of Ishine International Resources.  Chuanshui Yin has resigned as chief executive and been appointed a non-executive director of the company. Keong Chan has been appointed non-executive director and company secretary.

Brainchip Holdings has appointed Julie Stein a non-executive director. Neil Rinaldi has resigned as non-executive director.

Christopher Cowan has resigned as non-executive director of Bora Bora Resources.

4DS Memory non-executive director David McAuliffe has become executive director of the company.

Matthew Battrick has resigned as managing director of Sun Resources.

Peter Hatfull has resigned as non-executive chair of Aus Asia Minerals. Mark Baker has been appointed non-executive director.

Trent Wheeler has resigned as managing director of Magnum Gas & Power. The company has appointed Saxon Ball non-executive director, replacing Raalin Wheeler who has resigned from that position.

Cliff Lawrenson will retire as managing director of Avenira in early 2017.

Peter Huston is set to resign as non-executive chair of Resolute Mining. He will remain with the company until a suitable replacement is found.

Morgan Ball has been appointed chief financial officer of Saracen Mineral Holdings. Jeremy Ryan has been appointed company secretary. They replace Gerry Kaczmarek in who previously held those two roles.

Kevin Tomlinson has been appointed non-executive chair of Cardinal Resources, replacing Mark Connelly in the role. Mr Connelly has remained on the board as a non-executive director. Mark Thomas has resigned as a non-executive director.

DTI Group has appointed Peter Tazewell as chief executive and managing director. Richard Johnson has stepped down as chief executive and has been appointed commercial director.

Auroch Minerals has appointed David Lenigas as a non-executive director.

Pioneer Credit has appointed Andrea Hall as an independent non-executive director. Anne Templeman-Jones has stepped down as non-executive director.

Paringa Resources has appointed Todd Hannigan as chief executive, replacing David Gay, who will continue as president and executive director. In addition, Todd Hannigan will be appointed as executive director, and Taso Arima will move to non-executive director.

David Sadgrove has resigned as chief financial officer at Troy Resources. Stacey Apostolou has been appointed as chief financial officer.

Nigel Hartley and Howard McLaughlin will resign as non-executive directors at High Peak Royalties, effective 30 November 2016.

BARD1 Life Sciences has appointed Leearne Hinch as chief executive.

Adam Boyd has resigned as interim chief executive at Enerji. 

Wellard has appointed Brad Gosling as chief operating officer. 

David Chapman has stepped down as managing director of Sabre Resources, but will continue as a non-executive director.

CVCheck has appointed Rod Sherwood as chief executive, succeeding Steve Carolan who will continue as an executive director.

Mineral Resources has appointed Tim Roberts as an independent non-executive director.

Min Yang and Louis Chien have resigned as non-executive director and alternate director respectively at Metaliko Resources.

Southern Hemisphere Mining has appointed Chris Webster as company secretary, replacing Derek Hall who has resigned from the role as company secretary.

Artemis Resources has appointed David Lenigas as executive chair. 

Dennis Wilkins has resigned as company secretary at Legend Mining. Anthony Walsh will replace Mr Wilkins as company secretary. 

RNI has appointed Rob Martin as a non-executive director.

Andrew Simpson has resigned as non-executive chair of India Resources.

Regal Resources has appointed Anthony Begovich as chief financial officer and company secretary, replacing Patrick Holywell.

1-Page has appointed John Fennelly as executive chairman. Rusty Rueff will step down as executive chairman, but will remain as an independent non-executive director.

Yafeng Cai will not be standing for re-election as a director of Kingston Resources at the upcoming AGM.

Nearmap has appointed Andrew Watt as chief financial officer. Gerhard Buekes has resigned as chief financial officer and chief operation officer.

Coventry Group has appointed Robert Bulluss as chief financial officer.

Michael Hill and Tim Storey have moved from their executive director roles to non-executive director roles at JustKapital Litigation Partners. Andrew Whitten has resigned as joint company secretary. Philip Kapp is appointed managing director.

Linda Dillon has resigned as company secretary from 1-Page. Replacing Ms Dillon as company secretary is Tharun Kuppanda.

BBX Minerals has appointed Jeff McKenzie as chief executive and an executive director. Alistair Smith has resigned as a non-executive director.

Excelsior Gold has appointed Sam Randazzo as a non-executive director.

Russell Middleton has resigned as a non-executive director of Tiger Resources.

Michael Bohm has stepped down as non-executive chair at Tawana Resources, and will be replaced by Rob Benussi. Mark Calderwood has been appointed managing director of the company.

Emeco has appointed Justine Lea as chief financial officer.

John Borshoff has replaced Greg Cochran as chief executive and managing director at Deep Yellow.

Echo Resources has appointed Rod Johns as chief operating officer. 

Regis Resources has appointed Fiona Morgan as a non-executive director.

Pura Vida Energy has appointed Simon Eley and David Sanders as non-executive directors. Following the AGM, the company’s interim chair, Ric Malcolm will step down and Mr Eley will be appointed chair. Mr Malcolm will remain on the board as a non-executive director. 

Jason Peterson and Ashish Patel have resigned as executive directors at Indus Coal.


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