12/10/2021 - 17:39

Board Moves October 12, 2021

12/10/2021 - 17:39


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Our board moves wrap includes David Wheeler, Craig Burton, Jay Hughes, Richard Simpson, David Smyth, Dale Bryan, Brian Beresford, Rowan Jones, Tim Bunney, Jon Bishop, Gavin Allen, Paul Hardie, Peter Ward, Joe D'Addio, Matt Briggs, Ian Pamensky, and Matthew Foy.

Cradle Resources has appointed David Wheeler as non-executive director, replacing Craig Burton who has stepped down from the board having joined the company in 2013 and as chair since 2015. Mr Wheeler has over 30 years of executive management, directorship and corporate advisory experience; including the handling of business projects in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Jay Hughes and Richard Simpson have resigned as executive directors of Euroz Hartleys but will remain in their executive roles at Euroz Limited. David Smyth, Dale Bryan, Brian Beresford, Rowan Jones, Tim Bunney, Jon Bishop and Gavin Allen – all senior executives of Euroz Limited - have been appointed to the board of Euroz Hartleys.

Matrix Composites & Engineering has appointed Paul Hardie as general counsel and joint company secretary. Mr Hardie is a corporate and commercial lawyer with more than 20 years of business and legal experience across a wide range of industry sectors including mining and resources, construction, real estate, technology, and financial services.

MOQ has appointed current chief solutions officer Peter Ward to take over from Joe D'Addio as chief executive from 8 November. Mr Ward joined the company in September 2019 when MOQ acquired the business he previously ran, WARDY IT Solutions. Mr D'Addio remains a shareholder of the company and will continue in his board position for the rest of this financial year.

Matt Briggs, current managing director and interim chair of Prodigy Gold, has resigned as managing director and will step down as interim chair at the upcoming AGM or when a new chair is appointed. Mr Briggs has been with the company since October 2016, when it was then known as ABM Resources.

Ian Pamensky has replaced Matthew Foy as company secretary of Torian Resources and Monger Gold.


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