28/11/2019 - 17:16

Board Moves November 28, 2019

28/11/2019 - 17:16


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Our daily board moves wrap includes David Varcoe, Mark Maine, Neville Bassett, David Porter, Marc Ducler, Kelvin Flynn, David Berg, Brendon Morton, Jonathan Downes, Gary Comb, Klaus Eckhof, Michael Montgomery, David Nour, Patrick Burke, Michael Davy, Jurie Wessels, and James Clement.

David Varcoe has joined the board of Anglo Australian Resources as non-executive director. Mr  Varcoe has 30 years of mining, technical and managerial experience across a number of commodities including gold, iron ore, copper, diamonds, coal, uranium and rare earths.

Blina Minerals has appointed Mark Maine as non-executive chair and Neville Bassett as non-executive director. David Porter has resigned as chair. Mr  Maine has over 40 years of experience in the financial services sector, including 20 years with companies in the resource sector. Mr  Bassett is a chartered accountant specialising in corporate, financial and management advisory services.

Marc Ducler has resigned as managing director of EganStreet Resources. The company has appointed Kelvin Flynn to the board, and David Berg has taken over from Brendon Morton as company secretary. Mr  Flynn is a non-executive director, and Mr  Berg the general counsel & company secretary, of Silver Lake Resources which has recently acquired EganStreet in an off-market takeover bid.

Jonathan Downes and Gary Comb will be stepping down as non-executive directors of Ironbark Zinc at the end of the month.

Klaus Eckhof and Michael Montgomery have retired as non-executive chair and non-executive director of Okapi Resources respectively. The company has appointed David Nour as non-executive director. Mr  Nour has extensive commercial experience having worked in private wealth management and professional investment over the past 25 years with CBA & Bluestone Group.

Patrick Burke has resigned as non-executive director of Vanadium Resources. The company will appoint Michael Davy as non-executive director, and Jurie Wessels will transition to a non-executive chair. Mr  Davy has over 15 years of senior management and accounting experience across a range of industries, a director and owner of several private businesses, and board member of several ASX-listed companies.

James Clement will commence in his newly-appointed role as chief executive and managing director of Vysarn in February 2020. Mr  Clement was the chief executive and managing director of sustainable agricultural company Mareterram.


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