20/05/2019 - 16:53

Board Moves May 20, 2019

20/05/2019 - 16:53


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Our daily board moves wrap includes Michael Konnert, Vince Ippolito, Patrick Holywell, Anthony Mankarios, Keith Smith, Travis McKenzie, Tim Wilson, and XiaoHua Liu.

Board Moves May 20, 2019

Michael Konnert has resigned as non-executive director of Blackstone Minerals due to increasing business commitments and responsibilities as chief executive and director of a Canadian TSX-V listed company.

Vince Ippolito has been appointed president of USA at Botanix Pharmaceuticals. Mr  Ippolito has over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, including over 20 years in dermatology.

Patrick Holywell has resigned as joint company secretary of Enterprise Metals.

Joyce Corporation is looking to appoint a full-time chief executive and working on a staged board renewal program. Anthony Mankarios, who has been filling the role of executive director in the absence of a chief executive, will transition to a non-executive director’s role in July. Keith Smith, chief operating officer and finance executive, will become acting chief executive until a formal CEO appointment is made. Travis McKenzie, a lawyer with legal and commercial qualifications and experience, will commence as a non-executive director in July.

Tim Wilson has resigned as non-executive director of MinRex Resources.

XiaoHua Liu has been appointed non-executive director of Northern Minerals. Ms  Liu is an investment banker with over 7 years of experience in corporate advisory and equity markets, predominantly in China.


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