02/05/2017 - 18:14

Board Moves May 2, 2017

02/05/2017 - 18:14


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Premiere Eastern Energy has appointed Wayne Reid OBE as non-executive deputy chair. He replaces David Wheeler who has resigned from the role.

Swala Energy has made some board changes in preparation for the proposed restructuring of the company. It has appointed John Gilfillan, Sean McCormick and Stephen Hewitt-Dutton as non-executive directors. Mr  Hewitt-Dutton will also take on the role of company secretary. Peter Grant and Frank Moxon have resigned from the board.

Stef Weber has resigned as chief financial officer and company secretary of Minbos Resources. David Sadgrove has been appointed to the role on a contract basis.

Metals X has appointed Milan Jerkovic as non-executive director. Steve Robinson, current non-executive director, will become executive director.

Raewyn Clark has resigned as company secretary of Peako but remains on the board as executive director. Rob Wright has been appointed company secretary.

Cauldron Energy has appointed ChenChong Zhou as non-executive director, replacing XinYi Zhang who has resigned from the board.

Kevin Joyce has resigned as managing director of Birimian, but will continue to be involved with the company as a technical consultant for its project in Mali. Greg Walker has been appointed acting chief executive officer and executive director. The company will commence an executive search for a managing director.

Stacey Apostolou has resigned as chief financial officer and company secretary of Troy Resources.


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