20/03/2020 - 18:58

Board Moves March 20, 2020

20/03/2020 - 18:58


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Our daily board moves wrap includes John Palermo, Anthony Fitzgerald, Glenn Jardine, Shane McBride, Eva O'Malley, Andy Bayfield, Grant Froese, Frank Holler, Peter Harold, and Sophie Raven.

John Palermo, current non-executive director of Alterra, will be acting as company secretary following the resignation of Anthony Fitzgerald as commercial manager and company secretary.

Glenn Jardine will become the managing director of De Grey Mining from May. Mr  Jardine has over 35 years of mining experience in project management, development and operations.

Shane McBride has been appointed company secretary of Gascoyne Resources, following the resignation of Eva O'Malley who has been in the role since January 2011. Mr  McBride has 38 years of commercial management experience, including 30 years in the mining industry.

Global cannabis company Harvest One has appointed current chief commercial officer Andy Bayfield as interim chief executive, following the resignation of Grant Froese. Frank Holler will transition from a non-executive to an executive chair.

Peter Harold, non-executive director of Pacifico Minerals since August 2013, will resign from the board in early April. Mr  Harold was recently appointed managing director of Poseidon Nickel and is reducing his board commitments on listed companies.

Sophie Raven has given three months’ notice of her resignation as company secretary of TV2U International.


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