08/07/2019 - 18:04

Board Moves July 8, 2019

08/07/2019 - 18:04


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Our daily board moves wrap includes Samuel Lee, Ian Kerr, Heidi Beatty, Gary Cass, Shawn McCormick, and Peter Allchurch.

Board Moves July 8, 2019

Samuel Lee has resigned as non-executive director of DigitalX.

Ian Kerr has resigned as executive director of Gascoyne Resources.

Nanollose has appointed UK-based Heidi Beatty as non-executive director. Ms  Beatty has 20 years of experience in developing consumer and healthcare products. She is the founder of Crown Abbey, an innovation consultancy company operating in the US and Europe that helps consumer and healthcare clients identify new technologies and supports them through to launch. Founder & inventor Gary Cass is stepping down as executive director but will remain as the company’s chief scientific officer with a focus on the development and commercialisation of technologies for textiles and other applications.

Shawn McCormick has resigned as non-executive director of Tiger Resources. He was appointed as a nominee of Resource Capital Funds.

Peter Allchurch will be resigning as non-executive director of Winchester Energy due to health reasons. Mr  Allchurch was the founding chair and will remain with the company until the end of July.


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