14/12/2016 - 17:48

Board Moves December 14, 2016

14/12/2016 - 17:48


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Ian Veitch has resigned as company secretary at Orbital Corporation.  Todd Alder has been appointed chief financial officer and company secretary, and is responsible for communications with ASX. 

Michael JA Haynes has resigned as managing director of Coventry Resources. Ian Cunningham has resigned as executive director, but will remain as chief financial officer and company secretary.  Current non-executive chair Mark T Bojanjac has been appointed executive chair.

Sue Wilson will replace Cameron Wilson as company secretary at Iluka Resources.

Debra Bakker has been appointed independent non-executive director at Independence Group.

Paul Underwood has resigned as chief executive and managing director of Triple Energy, but will remain as non-executive director.

Leonard Math has resigned as joint company secretary at EZA Corporation. 


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