01/04/2022 - 16:12

Board Moves April 1, 2022

01/04/2022 - 16:12


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Our board moves wrap includes Karl DeMong, Brett Lawrence, Jason Kulas, Timothy Jugmans, Susan Thomas, Ged Hall, Dennis Jensen, Robert Scott, ZhaoYa Wang, WangHong Yang, Rowan Johnston, Ben Laird, Peter Wallace, Lawrence Marshall, Benjamin Donovan, Julien Sanderson, Matthew Carr, Tamara Brown, Michael Skead, and Laurie Marsland.

Board Moves April 1, 2022

Calima Energy has appointed Canadian-based Karl DeMong as non-executive director, with Brett Lawrence stepping down from the board having been a non-executive director since 2019. Mr DeMong has over 30 years of international and domestic experience in onshore and offshore oil and gas developments; and had held technical, leadership and executive roles.

Jason Kulas has stepped down as non-executive chair of Cash Converters International. Mr Kulas was appointed to the board in August 2020 as a nominee of major shareholder EZCORP, where he has since resigned as chief executive in January 2022.  Timothy Jugmans, chief financial officer of EZCORP, will succeed Mr Kulas as non-executive chair. The company has also appointed Susan Thomas as an independent non-executive director. Ms Thomas has over 30 years of experience in the financial services and information technology sectors, having founded and acted as managing director of FlexiPlan Australia which was subsequently sold to MLC/NAB.

Castillo Copper has appointed current non-executive director Ged Hall as chair, and Dr Dennis Jensen from chief executive to managing director. The appointments follow the retirement of non-executive chair Robert Scott.

ZhaoYa Wang has resigned as executive director and chief executive of Focus Minerals, having held the roles since November 2017, and will be departing at the end of April. Executive chair WangHong Yang has agreed to assume the roles and responsibilities of CEO & MD, and take charge in managing the Focus group of companies.

Gascoyne Resources has appointed current non-executive director Rowan Johnston as non-executive chair. Mr Johnston joined the board in August 2020 and became interim chair on 31 January 2022.

Katana Capital has appointed Ben Laird as non-executive director, following the resignation of Peter Wallace who has been a director of the company for 17 years. Mr Laird has over 20 years of equity capital markets experience in funds management and stockbroking.

Lawrence Marshall has retired as non-executive director of Lycopodium. Mr Marshall is a founding director of the company and had held numerous senior roles in the business for over 30 years.

Magnetic Resources has appointed current company secretary Benjamin Donovan as non-executive director, following the retirement of Julien Sanderson. Mr Sanderson joined the board in 2016 and his retirement follows the reaching of retirement age and his desire to step away from corporate life. Mr Donovan has been with the company since 2013 and has significant experience in the areas of compliance, corporate governance and capital markets.

Titan Minerals has made some changes to its board and executive management structure with the appointments of Matthew Carr stepping up from executive director to acting chief executive, Tamara Brown as non-executive director, and Michael Skead promoted from executive vice president of exploration to chief operating officer and country manager, with full authority for the operations in Ecuador. Mr Carr takes over from Laurie Marsland who has stepped down as managing director. Newly appointed director Ms Brown has significant North American capital markets and Ecuadorian experience, and will provide additional investor relations services to the company in North America. Mr Skead has relocated to Ecuador, with Pablo Morelli joining him as the newly appointed in-country exploration manager.


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