19/12/2017 - 15:05

Aquabotix sets sail with two new global partners

19/12/2017 - 15:05


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Subsea drone company Aquabotix has added two new distributors to an expanding global network that has seen 10 new partners come onboard in the past four months. Just one week after the launch of its new Integra AUV/ROV drone, the ASX-listed company welcomed Japan to its portfolio as it casts the sales net for its products on a wider arc into Australasian and Asia Pacific markets.

Aquabotix sets sail with two new global partners
David Batista, Aquabotix CEO, is all smiles as the company adds two new distributors to its global network.

Under water drone company Aquabotix has added two new distributors to its global network of steadily expanding sales outlets with the announcement that Hydro Systems Development will give the company a beachhead in Japan while Seismic Asia Pacific expands its footprint in Australia and New Zealand

In a market update the sub-sea robotics company said the two new partners took its tally of new distributors appointed within the past four months to 10. The new distributors will support Aquabotix’s global expansion into the underwater drone market by distributing the company’s Endura ROV, Integra AUV/ROV and Aqualens Connect underwater camera system.

Ted Curley, Aquabotix Chief Development Officer, said: “Our new distributors bring unique industry expertise to our business and knowledge about many of our primary markets, including aquaculture and defence.”

“They will be essential partners for Aquabotix as we further expand our channels to sale throughout the world and target new regions impacted by the growing underwater drone market, where we have not conduced sales to date.”

ASX-listed Aquabotix said Tokyo-headquartered Hydro Systems Development, as a developer of underwater sensing systems for both the marine and in-land water sectors, sells to national hydrographic/oceanographic institutes, universities, governmental authorities and other private companies.

Seismic Asia Pacific, based in Salisbury, Queensland, provides hydrographic, oceanographic and geophysical systems within Australia and throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim. The company also provides hardware and software equipment and systems solutions to local government, defence and resource specific sectors.

David Batista, Aquabotix CEO, said: “We are excited to grow our network of distributors who will work to increase Aquabotix’s brand and presence globally.”

“The fact that a well-known Japanese industry specialist company is now distributing our products in the very demanding and technologically advanced Japanese market is a testament to the quality and functionality of our products, and we are honoured to have Hydro Systems Development of Tokyo and Seismic Asia Pacific onboard.”

The latest development comes only a week after Aquabotix launched the Integra AUV/ROV, its second generation, cutting-edge underwater remotely operated “hybrid” vehicle or “ROV”, that can be operated directly like a drone, or controlled remotely from anywhere on the planet.

Aquabotix said the Integra AUV/ROV expanded on the company’s existing hybrid technology and was designed for underwater missions suitable for law enforcement agencies, research purposes, environmental assessments and defence organizations. The company’s underwater drones can also be used for mapping the sea floor, search and rescue missions and to assist with oil spills and other marine incidents.

According to Aquabotix, teh company’s latest ROV can accomplish underwater tasks that would previously have required the use of two underwater vehicles.


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