27/08/2018 - 14:59

Aquabotix expands links to US military

27/08/2018 - 14:59


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Underwater drone developer Aquabotix has joined the Information Warfare Research Project consortium which provides members with a fast tracked route to secure contracts offered by the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. The company will gain access to key partners and customers and gain the ability to be able to carry out rapid research and prototyping using nondilutive funding options available under the OTA.

Aquabotix expands links to US military
Aquabotix CEO Whitney Million

Underwater drone developer Aquabotix, continues to build its links with the US military with its acceptance as a member of the “Information Warfare Research Project” consortium.

This gives the company access to the Other Transaction Authority that was awarded to the consortium by the US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, or “SPAWAR”.

The OTA allows SPAWAR to award USD$100m worth of contracts over the next three years with the goal of advancing information warfare technologies and innovation delivery to the US fleet.

For consortium members, this represents a fast-tracked route to securing US government contracts faster and more efficiently than traditional US federal acquisition requirements otherwise permit.

Aquabotix was approved to join the consortium after demonstrating its credentials as a technology leader with competencies in autonomy, assured communications, and battlespace awareness – all key focus areas for the consortium.

SPAWAR Atlantic Deputy Executive Director Bill Deligne said: “This mechanism is faster and more attuned to getting something quickly that we want today. While speed is a critical element, reaching beyond the traditional DoD industrial base, further into the commercial sector to capture new, innovative solutions, is also a key element of the IWRP.”

Aquabotix Chief Executive Officer Whitney Million said: “We anticipate participation in this consortium will provide access to key partners and customers while enabling rapid research and prototyping using nondilutive funding options under the OTA to support our goal of continuing to develop innovative and leading-edge solutions and product offerings for the US and allied governments.”

Earlier this month, the company also joined the Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium, or “UTIC”, that includes undersea technology leaders such as Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.

UTIC brings together industry and government with the goal of enabling collaborative and rapid development, testing and commercialisation of innovative undersea and maritime technologies.

Aquabotix’s strategy to secure volume sales from the defence industry has also seen it join other US industry bodies such as The Innovative Undersea Prototype Development Consortium and the South Eastern New England Defense Industry Alliance to strengthen relationships with both partners and potential customers.



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