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12/09/2014 - 14:23


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Triplify claims to be "what's on guide for the world".

Triplify founders John Daniels (left), Matt Fontana (middle) and Damien Hatton (right).

Every week we will bring you a WA-produced app or tech idea that we feel has an appeal to our business readers.

Research by Business News has uncovered over 180 start-up tech start-ups in Perth.


Our inaugural app/tech business of the week is: 

TRIPLIFY "amplify your trip"

What is it?
Triplify claims to be "what's on guide for the world".

Triplify shows travellers new and exciting things to do beyond the tourist trail, revealing what's happening when they're there with unprecedented ease.

Available on and the iPhone appstore.

Founders - Matt Fontana (CEO), John Daniels (CTO), Damien Hatton (CXO)
"We've discovered through our travels that events provide a unique connection to the local people and their way of life. From grandiose festivals to local markets events provide travellers with amazing cultural experiences. " Damien Hatton

Funding Stage - Bootstrap/Angel financing
Triplify has been 100% bootstrapped by the three founders who created the platform and website. The iPhone app development was done in Perth by their iOS Director Joshua Lay.

Recently, a high net worth individual with mining industry experienced approached Triplify with a $50,000 offer of seed investment and this deal is in the latter stages of being finalised. A separate deal with another investor is also in the pipeline as the company seeks to raise a more significant round to meet global coverage ambitions.


Download the free 'Triplify' app on iTunes, in the App Store

Visit the web site:

How's it going?

The idea was born out of a startup weekend in 2012 and the official launch was in August 2014.

Earlier this year Triplify was the only WA finalist in the AsiaPpacific OzApp Awards. Triplify currently displays over 50,000 events across 12 countries. Over the next six months they are looking to increase their event coverage across all countries, build an android app and launch a new feature called 'Triplify Radar' which points out not-to-be-missed events that fall just outside of your travel dates or near to your destination so you don't miss them.


About App/Tech Startups...

Most of these businesses are fledgling companies funded by one, two or three passionate founders. Some of these people have moved to Perth and brought their creative tech ideas with them. Others have been inspired by other tech successes to try their hand at a new business venture. Many have corporate experience, and are having a go at their own business for the first time.

Typically these businesses have a handful of staff, but a big global idea. They are capital intensive at the front end, but once they mature they could be worth a great deal. They are built to scale, and their aim is to disrupt an industry. Their genesis has come from a problem they see in the marketplace that they want to solve.

Most survive on their own funding, and are looking for finance in some form or another (usually, from “business angels”). Many of them will not survive, but among them will be some winners.

What I hope is that we can provide you our readers with some new tools that might help you in your work, or when you are at play. Along the way we can give these startups some early exposure. Maybe some deals can be done, for among our Business News readers are many high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors (angels) who might find some of these businesses interesting.

If there was ever a doubt that WA tech businesses can be as good as anywhere on the planet, we hope to dispel that over the coming weeks and months.

If you know of a suitable WA-made tech or app business that you think we should cover, I would be happy to hear from you. Similarly, feedback on any of the businesses featured can be made on the web site article, where you can also share something you like with your contacts on social media.

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