11/05/2004 - 22:00

Anchor lodges Australia’s one millionth trademark

11/05/2004 - 22:00


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Anchor lodges Australia’s one millionth trademark

IN an unusual turnabout Western Australian-owned Anchor Foods has secured the one millionth trademark in Australia for its updated Anchor Lion brand.

The turnabout comes because Anchor was one of the very first trademarks listed on the first day the then Australian Trademarks Office opened its doors.

Anchor and Lion’s then owner DJ Fowler also started business in the same year, 1854, and competed against each other for 135 years.

Anchor eventually bought DJ Fowler in 1989.

Anchor managing director David Clapin said it was unusual for two companies to trade continuously for 135 years.

Mr Clapin bought Anchor from Goodman Fielder in 2002, just months before GF was swallowed up by Burn Philp.

The company, which started off in WA, went through a series of owners, including Uncle Tobys before Goodman Fielder and finally a return to its WA roots.

At one stage it was a national player with manufacturing operations around the country but, over the last few years of its life, retreated to being a WA brand.

Mr Clapin said the company was now a national competitor again.

Anchor is a market leader in flour, particularly its Anchor Lighthouse brand, but is listed in 18 supermarket categories.

Lion is best known for its baking products, particularly value-added flours.


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