16/01/2017 - 06:35

Analytica urinary device improves symptoms for 70% of users

16/01/2017 - 06:35


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ASX listed medical device company Analytica has released positive findings from new post usage research on the effectiveness of its device for women suffering from urinary incontinence due to pelvic floor muscle disorders.  The research indicates that 70% of sufferers reported an improvement in their condition.

Analytica urinary device improves symptoms for 70% of users
Analytica's "Pericoach" urinary incontinence device

ASX listed medical device company Analytica’s non-surgical treatment for women with urinary incontinence due to pelvic floor muscle disorders has received an evidentiary boost, with the company’s most recent research showing positive results.

Analytica’s PeriCoach System is the Brisbane-based company’s lead product and is best described as an e-health treatment system designed to assist the millions of women globally who suffer from stress urinary incontinence.

PeriCoach works by monitoring, via smart phone, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles during exercise to reduce and eventually stop incontinence altogether. Using the system, physicians are also able to remotely determine if a woman is performing her pelvic exercises correctly, and if her condition is improving. 

According to Analytica, 1 in 3 women worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence and the company is understandably bullish about the potential global application of the device. The company found some robust support last year from Virgin Islands based biotech investment fund INOV8, who took two 500k placements in the company during the year.

In an update to the market on Friday, Analytica said its most recent post-usage research showed pleasing results from those who had used PeriCoach, with 70 per cent of regular respondents suffering “severe” incontinence reporting an improvement to “moderate” symptoms.

Analytica said the research, released every six months, validated many of the assumptions built into the PeriCoach System, particularly the usage frequency and the influence of clinicians on the purchasing decision.

The post usage research also showed regular users experienced improvements in social engagement (27%), mood (48%), sexual function (47%), ability to stay fit (33%) and overall quality of life (47%), company management said.

The upbeat survey results come after Analytica last month received $1.2 million in research and development funding from the Australian Taxation Office to push forward with its research.

Analytica has previously said it will use the money to continue research and development of its version 3 PeriCoach System and its PeriCoach Data system. 


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