Analytica medical device makes approved list for sale to QLD Health

After a lengthy wait, ASX listed Analytica’s unique medical device, known as the “AutoStart” burette, has now made the official approved list with QLD Health.

Queensland Hospitals are only permitted to buy items that have made it through the tender process and been admitted to the official QLD Health list of approved for purchase products.

The list is only reviewed every few years and after admission to the list in the latest review, Analytica are now free to start selling the AutoStart burette, which has been branded “Tuta FirstFlow”, to QLD Hospitals via product sponsor Medical Australia Ltd.

The AutoStart burette is the little disposable chamber that sits in the line of an IV medical drip for the purposes of injecting medicine into a patients drip.

Burette’s are disposed of approximately every 24 hours when a new one is inserted into the IV drip line making them a major consumable item in the health industry.

The Analytica AutoStart burette solves two problems long associated with traditional burette’s.

Firstly, the drip does not have to be turned off when using the AutoStart burette to inject medicine, as is the case with a traditional burette.

A well recognized problem with traditional burette’s is that it is possible for a nurse to forget to turn the drip back on after injecting medicine via the burette.

Additionally, a nurse must make several trips back to a patient’s bed to determine if all medicine has passed through the drip in order to turn it back on.

The AutoStart burette operates on a proprietary float based system which means that a drip will be automatically restarted once the float has detected that all medicine has passed through it.

Analytica say this feature alone could save Hospitals thousands of dollars in lost nurse time by avoiding the need for multiple return visits to a patients bed to check if the medicine has passed through the drip before turning it back on again.

Another advantage of the AutoStart burette is that the float system backfills the drip with saline fluid as soon as it detects that all of the medicine has passed through it.

This prevents air pockets from forming in the drip line, which has been fatal for patients in the past using the traditional burette.

Analytica’s strategy is to use Qld as a major market entry point with a view to gaining approval in other Australian states before locking down a licensing deal with one of the major medical supply distribution companies around the world.

Analytica Chairman Dr Michael Monsour said “This listing is another milestone achieved in the commercialisation of the AutoStart infusion system. It allows the product to be purchased by any Queensland Health hospital or health clinic and we aim to list in other states as tenders fall due. It’s a long process, but it demonstrates the credentials of the AutoStart system and validates the work we have been doing behind the scenes on this product. Hospitals will see the value of the AutoStart as a means of saving time and money and as a way of improving patient safety.”

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