12/03/2002 - 21:00

An expansionist flavour

12/03/2002 - 21:00


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FOODBANK appears to have found a new site to house its burgeoning business.

An expansionist flavour

FOODBANK appears to have found a new site to house its burgeoning business.

The $1.2 million site on Division Street, Welshpool, meets the unique requirements of the charitable food re-distribution organisation, according to general manager Doug Paling.

While the site will need some additional refrigerated units, Mr Paling said it was not good business sense to continue tacking extensions onto the existing Belmont property,

“We sat down with an architect, Peter Jones, who gave his services pro bono, and put together what we considered the ideal building,” he said.

Foodbank is the collection and redistribution point for millions of kilograms of unwanted, but perfectly good, food every year.

Foodbank was established in 1994 and has rescued seven million kilograms of edible food, some of which is better than anything available in stores because it’s export grade stock.

“The attraction of the property is it has ample parking. We have about 60 charitable organisations calling every day,” Mr Paling said,

“It also has double-road access, so it means we can run the trailers through quite easily.”

Foodbank aims to raise $3 million to fund the project, with $1.7 million already pledged over three years.

The demand for Foodbank’s services has increased during the past six months as a result of increased redundancies across a range of industries.

Foodbank has established centres in Kalgoorlie, Mandurah and Albany to cater for the needs of needy families in the regions.

“Its something that’s absolutely necessary,” Mr Paling said.

“There are a lot of people who, through the economic downturn, are now turning to us and so, unfortunately, we are a growth business.

“We’re going to talk to the community and business leaders in Geraldton as well.”


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