Affinity commercialises fifth algae feed product

ASX listed Affinity Energy & Health, formerly known as Algae.tec, has developed a breakthrough algae-based fish feed product for the aquarist market that has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

The product, the fifth in its “FeedMe” range, has been commercialised courtesy of its collaboration and distribution agreement with US-based Seachem Laboratories.

Seachem will promote the product to key international aquarist markets through its networks and it has already received a first bulk order.

Under the deal with Seachem, which was struck in February this year, Affinity will manufacture and package an exclusive line of aquarist products for sale via Seachem’s 2,500 dealers and outlets in the USA and beyond.

Affinity’s technology is a process that converts carbon emissions from industrial operations into algae.

That algae can then be used to generate diesel bio-fuel however it is also suitable for use in a very wide range of industries including aquaculture and the recreational aquarist market to name just two.

The company’s FeedMe range of products contains essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Executive Chairman Mal James said: “This is a technical breakthrough for Affinity, as we are now able to provide a real logistical solution to the previously problematic issue facing many algae producers, that being the short shelf life of algae-based products.”

“We have now commercialised a high quality, long shelf life product that will be sold globally under our affiliation with Seachem.”

In other news, Affinity also signed an MoU with the University of Sydney to support its medicinal cannabis research and development activities in Australia.

Under the agreement, the university will carry out research programs using the company’s unique bank of medical cannabis “cultivars”.

This work will focus on strategic stress and pain reduction in commercial livestock and the pet sector. Successful development in this sector could lead to follow-up programs in the human sector according to the company.

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