Adriatic Metals has been issued with a coveted and positive “record of decision” for its Veovaca Environmental Permit. Pictured is Adriatic CEO and Managing Director, Paul Cronin.

Adriatic receives key environmental tick in Bosnia

After navigating a plethora of Bosnian statutory approval labyrinths, Adriatic Metals is nearing the end of the maze after receiving a coveted and positive “record of decision”, or “RoD” from the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism for its Veovaca Environmental Permit which is one of the key approvals required for an Exploitation Permit to be finally issued. The company said the RoD is final and cannot be challenged, which means that the Exploitation Permit theoretically should be forthcoming soon.

Whilst keeping its foot on the gas amid recent operational delays felt as a consequence of the Coronavirus, Adriatic said it has received a Preliminary Water Permit and Environmental Permit for the demolition of the historic Veovaca Plant site and Preliminary Water Permits covering the Veovaca Mine, Plant and Tailings Storage Facility, including a pond for capturing excess water. 

The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism now has 30 days to issue the Environmental Permit for Veovaca and Adriatic can then continue along the statutory process route and make a submission for an Urban Planning Permit to the Federal Ministry for Spatial Planning.

Adriatic has already received approval from a total of nine different utility and community service companies for its project, which should expedite the approval of the Urban Planning Permit.
The Urban Planning permit is the final application for Exploitation and can be made to the Federal Ministry for Energy, Mining and Industry.

With another binder of paperwork stamped and a significant milestone passed, Adriatic is now moving at pace towards mining its extraordinary multi-metals play in Bosnia.

Adriatic CEO and Managing Director, Paul Cronin said: “The receipt of the RoD is a major step forward in the permitting of the Vares Project, and despite all the challenges being presented to government in the current COVID-19 crisis, demonstrates the Bosnian Government’s willingness to advance the project as quickly as possible. We continue to appreciate the consultative and cooperative approach of the various branches of government in Bosnia and look forward to the continual advancement of the Vares Project”.
“As part of the approval procedure, the Ministry will hold a public hearing in Vares, where members of the public can comment on the application, and if necessary, the Company is given an opportunity to respond".

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