Ivan Glasenberg

An insidious outbreak of post-boom gloom

Those expecting the massive LNG projects under way in the north-west to ride to the WA economy’s rescue may need to think again.

Big retailers keen to keep status quo

Big retailers will be hoping the federal government puts most recommendations from the recent competition policy report in the too-hard basket.

Iron ore going from hero to zero?

You don’t need to listen too closely to hear the pips squeaking in Western Australia’s iron ore lemon after a week-long debate about the state’s most important industry, which appears to be heading for a crisis that will hit companies and governments in equal measure.

Glencore strategy straddles the continent

The iron ore majors’ move to flood the market may see off their small rivals, but a bigger opponent looms large.

Players rehearse lines as drama unfolds

Verbal and financial volatility is the best way to describe what’s happening in Western Australia today.

Supporting cast in a global game

The degree to which we, in Australia, control our economic destiny is exaggerated.

Glasenberg to win big from Glencore float

Andrew Forrest may have a big number in his ‘wealth column’, but he’s down 2-0 against an old foe.