Geoff Gallop

Mental health on business agenda - SPECIAL REPORT

Our annual Well@Work feature discusses the need for health and wellness programs for employees, the trend in injury rates in WA, mental health among FIFO employees and how not-for-profit groups have recognised the importance of workplace wellness.

Unpopularity a fact of life for Abbott

There may be some disquiet about the performance of the government (and Tony Abbott) in the first year in the coalition party room, but the PM isn’t likely to give ground in the leadership stakes.

High stakes on school funding

Education Minister Peter Collier has embarked on a bold strategy aimed at reallocating his $4.6 billion budget among the state’s 700 secondary and primary schools. It is a move fraught with political risk.

It’s time … to move on

Labor can’t face the challenges ahead if the party remains focused on bitter battles and disputes of the past.

Gallop pops Sir Charles 'trust myth'

Geoff Gallop says Labor got sucked into the political view only the Liberals could be trusted with the economy.

A different fork in the Rhodes

Could a new spin on an old bursary bring benefits for Australia and its neighbours?

Instability stalks Liberals

Bad economic news and some personnel mismanagement are putting pressure on Colin Barnett’s leadership.

Tough times for a polarising premier

From council amalgamations to Elizabeth Quay, power prices to ballooning debt, Colin Barnett faces criticism whichever way he turns.

Barnett scores a D for delivery

Colin Barnett’s Liberal-National team increasingly looks like a government unable to make the big decisions.

Uncertainty the only definite

The manoeuvring is well under way as both state political parties evaluate their future leadership teams.

Political staff to resources roles

A SERIES of moves by political staffers into roles linked to the resources sector reveals the growing need for corporate players to find their way around bureaucracy and political roadblocks.

New team for lobby firm

Lobbying firm Hawker Britton has a new team in Perth, led by former state government advisers Sean Walsh and John Whitelaw, who plan to educate their clients to have realistic expectations about dealing with government.

"Significant" stake in navy build to take place in WA: Logan

A memorandum of understanding between the governments of Western Australia and South Australia will keep a "significant" amount of the construction of air warfare destroyers in WA, Industry and Enterprise Minister Francis Logan has said.

Gallop pulls the wrong rein

State Scene was stunned to read former premier Geoff Gallop slamming Western Australia’s business community from his ivory tower in Sydney for what he called its failure to criticise lobbyists Brian Burke, Julian Grill and Noel Crichton-Browne.

Time to rein in the lobbyists

There were several reasons State Scene attended day one of the Corruption and Crime Commission hearings focusing upon the behaviour of Claremont-based company, Canal Rocks Pty Ltd, owners of a 45.3 hectares tract adjacent Smith’s Beach at Yallingup.

Report card unkind to Gallop

Although recently departed former premier, Geoff Gallop, will soon be out of sight, for many he’s not yet entirely out of mind.

Wielding power and influence

Our Most Influential survey enters its fifth year this week – the first time Geoff Gallop is not heading the list.

Gallop embraces Blair

Former premier Geoff Gallop made a brief reappearance on the political scene this week, emerging at Federal Parliament to greet his old Oxford University chum, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Labor short on achievements

Let’s be frank about the performance of the second Gallop Government in its first year, 2005; it was lacklustre.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Carpenter has stripes to earn

Despite some people contending otherwise there was, from the moment Geoff Gallop resigned, never any doubt that Alan Carpenter would become premier.

Carpenter looking good for top job

People will be speculating for months to come on the underlying reasons for Premier Geoff Gallop’s sudden and unexpected resignation from the state’s top political job due to depression.

How to judge the Gallop government?

It's not often that a political announcement genuinely catches everyone by surprise, but Geoff Gallop’s decision this week to step down as premier and retire from politics certainly falls into that category.

Gallop resignation

Geoff Gallop dropped a political bombshell that resonated through business and political circles across the country when he announced his immediate retirement as Premier of Western Australia.

Depression leads to Gallop's resignation

Premier Geoff Gallop today announced his resignation as premier of Western Australia and as MP for Victoria Park.

AusBiotech opens in Perth, but Victorians get lauded

Ouch that must hurt. WA Premier Geoff Gallop has launched the Ausbiotech conference in Perth but its the Victorians that are getting the honours.

Approvals reforms welcome

The resources sector has welcomed reform of Western Australia’s project approvals process, under which former Argyle Diamonds managing director Brendan Hammond will head a new unit that will report directly to Premier Geoff Gallop.

$90m boost for Henderson complex

THE Australian Marine Complex in Henderson has received an additional $90 million in funding on top of $180 million already spent on the facility.A floating dock and rail transfer system will be insta

Utility backflip on union deal

WESTERN Power has reversed its policy in negotiations with unions by withdrawing a claim for the re-introduction of Australian Workplace Agreements from its new certified agreement.This follows commen

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Gallop getting nowhere on uranium

 Geoff Gallop says Western Australia will retain a ban on uranium mining, a stance which makes some people happy.

WA delegation visits Japan

A DELEGATION from Western Australia led by Premier Geoff Gallop visited Japan last week to coincide with ‘WA week’ at the Aichi World Expo.

Gallop, McGinty hold court

Geoff Gallop and Jim McGinty are the two dominant figures in the Labor governments that have held power since February 2001.