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Company Activity

NEWS: Tagged in Board Moves July 1, 202001 Jul 2020
Sally Langer
NEW ROLE: Sally Langer, Non-Executive Director01 Jul 2020
Board, strategic changes at Sandfire
NEWS: Tagged in Board, strategic changes at Sandfire01 Jul 2020
Derek La Ferla
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Derek La Ferla, Non-Executive Chair30 Jun 2020
Robert Scott
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Robert Scott, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Paul Hallam
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Paul Hallam, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Maree Arnason
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Maree Arnason, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Roric Smith
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Roric Smith, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Karl Simich
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Karl Simich, Chief Executive, Managing Director30 Jun 2020
Matthew Fitzgerald
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Matthew Fitzgerald, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary30 Jun 2020


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