Premier Coal

Lead role for Perth carbon capture lab

A nearly $50 million national research facility opened in Perth yesterday is set to further define Western Australia’s place in the world as a resources hub, but has its work cut out for it convincing the public of its benefits according to industry leaders.

Next step for SW carbon sink

As global calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions get louder, WA is quietly progressing its own carbon capture and storage project

Synergy back to full board

Synergy chairman Lyndon Rowe is confident Synergy’s new board, which was boosted today with the addition of three members, will operate harmoniously.

Rambal waits for urea moment

Vikas Rambal is pushing ahead with his multi-billion dollar fertiliser plant and pursuing a newfound appetite for property investment.

Former energy chief reflects on Verve

SPECIAL REPORT: Former Verve Energy CEO Shirley In’t Veld says when it comes to government-owned businesses, politics often wins out over commercial imperatives.

Warrand joins SWDC

The South West Development Commission has appointed Patrick Warrand to the newly-created role of strategic manager – infrastructure.