Kinetic Consolidated

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Kinetic Consolidated was an oil and gas services company formed in 2017 when Vautron Holdings integrated and rebranded the businesses of Vause Oil Production Services, Grizzly Energy Services, Surtron Technologies and Wildcat Chemicals Australia into the single entity Kinetic. In 2018 Kintetic was merged with MPC Group to form MPC Kinetic.
Vautron itself was created in December 2011 when Perth company Surtron (spun out of listed company Imdex in 2007) merged with NZ-based Vause Oil Production Services to create Vautron Group.
Vautron was backed equally by Viburnum and Houston-based investor SCF Partners, and subsequently acquired Grizzly in 2014.
Vautron bought Brisbane-based Imdex subsidiary Wildcat Chemicals Australia for $3.5 million in 2016, when Imdex divested from its AMC oil and gas business.

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