Housing Authority

Level 5, 99 Plain Street, EAST PERTH, 6004
08 9222 4666

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Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Louise Avon-Smith Manager, Human Resources20152018
Kirsty Moore Director, Asset Planning & Management20152018
Amanda Shipton Development Manager of Complex Projects, Commercial Operations20152018
Ildiko Wowesny Chief Financial Analyst20152017
Tanya Steinbeck Director, Social Housing Investment Package20162017
Peta Mabbs General Manager, Organisational Transformation20162017
Jeff Dennis Business Development Manager, Commercial Operations20162017
Tania Loosley-Smith General Manager, Strategy & Policy20082017
Greg Cash General Manager, Service Delivery20142017
Paul Whyte Acting Director General20152017
Nigel Hindmarsh Acting General Manager, Commercial Operations20132017
Brendon Grylls Minister of Housing20162017
Simone Spencer Executive Director, Policy & Planning2017
Jeremy Hubble Executive Director, Business Services20142016
Colin Holt Minister for Housing20142016
Alix Rhodes Manager, Housing Policy20142016
Tanya Steinbeck Manager, Strategic Communications20142016
Louise Avon-Smith Acting Executive Director, Business Services20162016
Grahame Searle Director General20082015
Susanne Martins General Manager, Organisation Transformation20142015
Kirsty Moore Strategic Finance20142015
Kirsty Moore Director, Business Development20152015
Duncan Mackay General Manager, Organisational Transformation20112015
Amanda Shipton Senior Planner, Commercial Operations20132015
Greg Cash Director, Market Innovation & Partnerships20112014
Bill Marmion Minister for Housing20132014
Susanne Martins Manager, Workforce Development & Project Management Office20132014
Brian Bartsh Principal Performance & Reporting Officer20142014
Steve Parry General Manager Service Delivery20072014
Paul Whyte General Manager, Commercial & Business Operations20092014
Helen Harvey General Manager, Organisational Transformation; Executive Director, Aboriginal Housing20092011
Rochelle Bradley General Manager, Business Services20042011
Kerry Fijac General Manager Review & Reform19992010
John Coles Acting Director General19992010
Shane Hamilton Executive Director, Social Housing Coordinator20092010
Graeme Gammie General Manager, Corporate Development Services20062009
Bob Mitchell Director General20062008
Ross Napier Executive Director, Corporate Development Services2007
Bob Thomas General Manager Housing Development Services20052007
Peter Gow Executive Director, Building Industry Development20012007
Danny Ford Manager, Aboriginal Housing20032007
Bevan Beaver General Manager, Housing Management Services19932007
Frank Pitman Acting Executive Director20012006
Simon Stevenson Manager, Financial Planning20032004
Simon Stevenson Senior Financial Analyst20012003
Simon Stevenson Financial Modeller19972001
Colin Cameron Revenue/Systems/Budget Officer19861990
John Bulich Computer Systems Analyst19861987
Russell Poliwka Regional Director19691979


The former Housing Authority (also known as the Department of Housing) was an affordable housing provider involved in land development, housing construction and property management. Its work contributed to social and economic growth by: delivering quality housing that people can afford, and providing people with opportunities to prosper through home ownership. The Housing Authority worked in close collaboration and partnership with the private, government and not-for-profit sectors to find new ways to increase the supply of affordable housing in Western Australia.

On 1 July 2017, the Housing Authority was amalgamated with the Department of Child Protection and Family Support, Disability Services Commission and the Department of Local Government and Communities, to form the new Department of Communities.
Biography last updated 01 May 2019