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Notable People

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 Most Senior WA Executive.

NamePositionYear Started
Susan Hunt
Susan Hunt
Chief Executive
Acting Chief Executive (2018 to 2019)
Miriam Borthwick
Miriam Borthwick
Non-Executive Director2018
Stephen Carre
Stephen Carre
Non-Executive Director2018
Jo Clarkson
Jo Clarkson
Director, Health Promotion2002
Fiona Kalaf
Fiona Kalaf
Non-Executive Deputy Chair2016
Peter Klinken
Peter Klinken
Non-Executive Chair2018
Jim McGinty
Jim McGinty
Non-Executive Director2018
Sue-Ellen Morphett
Sue-Ellen Morphett
Acting Director of Sponsorship (since 2017)2015
Heather Zampatti
Heather Zampatti
Non-Executive Director2018

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Susan Hunt Acting Chief Executive20182019
Steve Harris Non-Executive Director20162019
Lina Barbato Director, Corporate Services (since 2012); Chief Financial Officer20022018
Ricky Burges Non-Executive Director2018
Bryant Stokes Non-Executive Chair20162018
Maree De Lacey Chief Executive20152017
Rosanna Capolingua Non-Executive Chair20002015
Melissa Guppy Director, Sponsorship20102015
David Malone Executive Director20082015
Bill Ongley Sport Sponsorship Manager2011
Maurice Swanson Deputy Chairman20002011
Lindsay Lovering Arts Sponsorship Manager2011
Beth Hands Director20042010
Carol Innes Director20032010
Ronnie Hurst Director20042010
Kay Lane Director2010
Jenn Morris Non-Executive Chair2010
Louise Paterson Director2010
Barbara Macnish Director2010
Simon Towler Director2010
Natalie Jenkins Non-Executive Director20062009
Neil Guard Executive Director20032008
Fiona Lander Non-Executive Director20062008
Luc Longley Non-Executive Chair20032007
David Vicary Director20032006
Bob Welch Director20002006
Allanah Lucas Director20002006
Leslie Atkins Director20032006
Michael P Jackson Director20022006


Healthway seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia. Healthway (the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation) was established in 1991 under Section 15 of the Tobacco Control Act 1990 as an independent statutory body reporting to the Minister for Health. Healthway provides sponsorship to Sports, Arts and Community organisations to promote healthy messages, facilitate healthy environments, reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages, and increase participation in healthy activities. Healthway also provides grants to a diverse array of organisations to encourage healthy lifestyles and advance health promotion programs. The key priorities for Healthway are reducing harm from tobacco, reducing harm from alcohol, reducing obesity and promoting good mental health.
Biography last updated 30 Jul 2018