Sports’ survival centres on securing sponsorship

THE global financial crisis was a tough time for most businesses, none more so than sporting clubs that discovered the risks of choosing the wrong sponsor.

A bitter pill for investors

A new tell-all book on failed fuel pill company Firepower shows strong evidence of pre-meditation.

Anderson key in Firepower collapse

Perth businessman Warren Anderson has been named as a key player in the collapse of fuel pill company Firepower, which left its shareholders millions of dollars out of pocket.

Administrators appointed to Firepower co

Firepower founder Tim Johnston has called in the administrators to one of his companies, amid claims of a new bid to rescue the stricken fuel technology enterprise.

Investors turn up heat on Firepower

The fallout from mystery fuel-additives group Firepower continues to grow with up to 600 Western Australian investors facing the prospect that their shares could be worthless.

ET founder chases $20m Firepower debt

The woes surrounding mystery fuel additive company and Western Force sponsor Firepower Group have deepened after one of its major backers, ET founder Ross Graham, commenced legal action to recover $20 million in loans and investments.

Firepower a slow burner in the west

Getting answers out of people isn’t always easy.

Firepower back in court

Firepower Holdings Group Ltd chief executive Tim Johnston has been summonsed to appear in the Supreme Court this month after failing to pay an out-of-court settlement totalling $4 million to a company of former Firepower chief, Trevor Nairn, and to Mr Nai

Firepower wins innovation award

WA-based fuel additive manufacturer and Western Force sponsor Firepower Ltd has won the 2007 UK Institute of Transport Management's Innovation in Fuel Technology Award, the company announced today.

Firepower defamation action to be heard in NSW

WA-based fuel additive manufacturer and Western Force sponsor Firepower Ltd will bring a defamation action against the Sydney Morning Herald after claims allegedly made by the newspaper that Firepower marketed a sham technology and made false claims.

Firepower back in court

Mysterious fuel additive manufacturer and Western Force sponsor Firepower was back in the WA Supreme Court this week, on the behest of Perth stockbroker Phil Grant, who claimed his 10 million shares in the company disappeared following a corporate restruc

Firepower settles

BENTLEY-BASED fuel additives manufacturer Firepower has agreed to settle out of court with the wife of a former chief executive, who claimed her shareholding in the company had vanished after a 2004 c

Firepower fuelled for legal action

A Bentley-based fuel additives manufacturer, which trades as Firepower, has found itself embroiled in a legal action with the wife of a former executive over its ownership.

Firepower added to Giteau deal

Speculation over the identity of the corporate player that helped clinched the multi-million dollar deal to bring Matt Giteau to the Western Force has put a little known Bentley-based fuel additive company Firepower in the frame.