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Notable People

Showing 7 people marked as having an executive or director level role. Position shown in italic is their previous role in the same organisation.
 Most Senior WA Executive.

NamePositionYear Started
Paul Breuer
Paul Breuer
Principal Research Scientist
Ben Clennell
Ben Clennell
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Group Leader, Exploration Geoscience (2014 to 2017)
Michelle Colgrave
Michelle Colgrave
Proteomics Research Scientist2007
Patrick Hartley
Patrick Hartley
Research Director, Oil Gas & Fuels 2006
Andy Lamb
Andy Lamb
Facilitator & Mentor, CSIRO ON Prime2016
Jeff McCulloch
Jeff McCulloch
Executive Manager, Finance2004
Mark Paterson
Mark Paterson
Domain Leader, Grids & Renewable Energy Integration2010

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Ian Cresswell Research Director, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Knowledge & Services20142020
Ben Clennell Group Leader, Exploration Geoscience20142017
Tom Campey Engagement Manager20162017
Nisha Pradhan Student Engineer20132016
Mathias Cornelius Consultant, Mineral Resources20162016
Meredith Simpson Senior Consultant20132015
Ben Clennell Principal Research Scientist, Rock Properties, Energy Flagship20142014
Kieren Cooney Non Executive Director, Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation20122014
David Wood Director, Coastal Collaboration Cluster20102014
Kirsten Larkin Program Support Officer20092014
Rod Houston Business Development Manager, Energy20132014
Priscilla Clayton ASKAP Regional Manager20082014
Ben Clennell Theme Leader, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production20122014
Susan Jeanes Member, Energy & Transport Advisory Council20072013
Shanny Dyer General Manager, Flagship Program & Performance20112013
John Farrow Theme Leader, Advanced Processing Technologies20092012
Ben Clennell Leader, Rock Properties Group20112012
Ben Clennell Subsurface Technology Leader20092011
Shanny Dyer Executive Manager, Major Transactions & Governance20092011
Tim Naylor Research Officer20102011
Nick Prosser Architect20102011
Paul Wright Industry Advisor, Future Manufacturing Flagship20062010
Shanny Dyer Business Development Manager, Enterprise20082009
Paul Roberts Theme Leader, Discovering Australia's Mineral Resources20072008
Mathias Cornelius Principal Research Scientist19972007
Chris Mitchell Theme Leader20052007
Alex Eastwood Senior Legal Counsel20062007
Catherine Livingstone Non-Executive Chair20012006
John Clout Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Minerals19922004
Chris Moran Program Leader19892004
Dennis Jensen Research Scientist19951999
Bahay Ozcakmak Merbein Research Station, Plant Biotechnology Research19961998
Jeremy Fitzpatrick Experimental Scientist, CSIRO Fisheries19861995
Anna Cousins Marketing Manager, Minerals Division19931995
Matthew James Research Assistant, Superconductivity team19921992
Raj Kandiah Experimental Scientist, Textile Industries19851987
Rosalind Dubs Institute Secretary, Institute of Physical Science19801985
Michael Sandy Research Mineralogist19771982
David Napoli Manager, Training & Development 19721980
Peter Hairsine Deputy Chief


CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. Its mission mission is 'We deliver great science and innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment’.
Biography last updated 07 Jan 2016