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UPDATED: Utilities and Public Infrastructure list28 Aug 2023
UPDATED: State Government Businesses list28 Aug 2023
Simone McGurk
NEW ROLE: Simone McGurk, Minister for Water14 Dec 2022
Mick Murray
NEW ROLE: Mick Murray, Non-Executive Director24 Jun 2022
Collie poli lined up for Aqwest gig
NEWS: Tagged in Collie poli lined up for Aqwest gig24 Jun 2022
Who’s onboard with political ties?
NEWS: Tagged in Who’s onboard with political ties?11 May 2021
UPDATED: State Government Businesses list22 Oct 2020
Rhonda Norman
NEW ROLE: Rhonda Norman, Non Executive Director22 Oct 2020
$12m for Bunbury water recycling facility
NEWS: Tagged in $12m for Bunbury water recycling facility02 Sep 2020

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