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Now that Easter is over, what are the catalysts for global markets?

With Easter over, we are now turning our attention to macro-data and these will be the main driving points for this week… US employment and manufacturing will be “on-show” on Friday night and with Janet Yellen talking tomorrow night, things will certainly get interesting…. Banks will also be in focus, following ANZ’s admission that bad debts have risen…

Will the Easter bunny bring us chocolates this year?

So… tomorrow is good Friday and yes, we can sleep in… global markets look like they are getting a little bit “tired” and we need to ask ourselves whether the Easter bunny will bring us some chocolates to wake us up… the key question for markets now is “what are the catalyst” to drive us higher….?

$19 Billion of dividends to return to shareholders… will it boost markets?

Last night, another terrorist attack hit. This time in Brussels. Markets held up ok, while gold rallied on the back of a “flight to safety”… This Easter, spend some quality time with your family and friends as this is really important. Over $19 Billion of dividends will be returned to shareholders this week. Will this boost markets?

Abbott vs. Turnbull… Trump vs. Obama… Impact on markets?

Good Morning. A bit of friendly “fire” this morning with Abbott questioning Turnbull’s stance to call an early election. Obama just last week has also thrown a few “cheap” shots at trump, as things “heat up”… so what impact will both have on markets?

Yellen continues to boost sentiment.. Better than the grand prix?

Global markets continued to rally on Friday night, following yellen’s move to leave interest rates on hold for an extended period. We attended the Grand Prix on Saturday and although it certainly is a boost to the economy, we are glad it is over… This week, we have the chairman of Bega Cheese coming for a PEAKTV interview…. So keep an eye for this… happy Monday…

Commodities Rally as Yellen Revises US Interest Rates.. Is this Just The Start?

Global markets rallied last night, as the USD continued to fall and commodities rebounded. Emerging Markets rallied and Crude Oil hit $41.00/barrel, a level not seen for over 6 months… But is this just the beginning? Combined with a strong Feb Business Survey, we could now see a sustained rally back towards 5,500 level…. Happy Friday…

Opinion: Yellen Finally Listens To Us And Sits On Her Hands…

Good morning… Finally, Janet Yellen listens to us, sits on her hands and advises the market that US interest rates will only rise twice this year. Commodities Rally. USD Falls. Global Markets Jump… The only uncertainty now is what impact a Donald Trump presidential win would have on the AUS-US relationship… only time will tell…

Opinion: Citigroup Advises That The Recent “Uptick” In Commodities Isn’t Justified… Really?

Just when we thought that global markets are starting to stabilise, Citigroup has to come out and ruin the party… US Stocks held up well overnight, even with Citigroup’s remarks… But is the recent rally unjustified? It all comes down to the US dollar…

China… Your Growth is closer to 6%, not 6.9%... Fact.

Good Morning from Beijing… I have spent the last four days here talking at the AUS-China Investment seminar across four cities with Partners of Hall Chadwick and Thomas Geer. It has been a “surreal” opportunity and after speaking with the locals about the economy, government policies and eating lots of local Chinese food, I can comfortably tell you that growth in China is definitely slowing…. But there is more to it…..

Opinion: Is the recent Iron Ore Hike Simply a “Blip”?

Yesterday’s 25% drop in Chinese export numbers really questioned the recent commodities price hike. BHP and RIO fell by 8.5% and 9.4% in London and Crude Oil weakened 3.4%, as uncertainty relating to supply cuts, hits the market. But is the recent 18% rally in iron ore simply a “blip”? Yes… for now…. 

Is there a current Correlation between US Stocks and Inflation?

The current correlation between crude oil and US stocks is ~91%, according to Bloomberg. This means that as oil moves higher, global stocks “should” rally… but what is the correlation between US stocks and inflation? The week that was….

Global Markets start to find some rhythm as AUS GDP surprises to the upside… will the trend continue?

It was a very good day yesterday for global markets as risk was certainly “back on” with a vengeance… commodities and banks led the rally, as AUS GDP surprised to the upside… the question to be asked is whether this trend will continue?

Global markets surge on stimulus rumours as Wesfarmers CEO blames Amazon for "eating its breakfast, lunch and dinner"

Global markets surged overnight as global central banks are on the verge of adding additional stimulus to the ailing economy. Will the RBA follow suit? Well… interest rates were left on hold yesterday, but it is Wesfarmers that is worried about competition…

A new month, a new outlook… The RBA to cut interest rates, today.

Global stocks were hit once again in February, however, today is the 1st of March and we are coming out with a new outlook. The RBA will join other central banks and will cut interest rates today. This will provide “much-needed” stimulus for local growth… read more… 

Will the leap year change market sentiments?

Good Morning, Happy Leap Day…   Yes, it only happens one in four years and apparently women can propose on a leap year?  Hope that you had a great weekend… Let’s have a great day…