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Will changes in the ASX listing rules impact IPOs?

At an ASX meeting on 13 April 2016 the ASX raised the prospect of a number of potential changes to the Listing Rules.  The changes are intended to apply from 1 July 2016.  The changes may be subject to a brief consultation period. 

Apple misses guidance... impact on our technology sector?

“The S&P 500 is at what I consider to be a key resistance area in that 2,090 range, so it’s going to take some good news to push through that,” said Alan Gayle, a senior strategist at Atlanta-based RidgeWorth Investments, which has about $37 billion in assets.

Sell in May and go away?

Good morning. It's been a great long weekend but it is now time to get back to business. Historically, May hasn't been a great month in equities and we're cautious, given the rally in global equities. the "Fear" and "Greed" index is now hovering around 75 and it appears the consumer confidence is on the rise... but is the rally losing steam? 

Malcolm… Are you happy now?

Good Morning, happy Friday! It’s been a great week for global markets, driven by better than expected earnings and a pick-up in commodities…TheXJO is now above 5,300…. A level that it hasn’t witnessed for nearly six months.Iron ore closed up 8% last night to over $70/tonne… wow…. Remember that it was only a few months ago, when iron ore was trading near $38/tonne…

Is it time to lock profits on BHP and sell some options?

So what happened last night? US stocks closed higher (Dow Jones +42 points), following weaker US oil production, sending Crude to the highest level in over 4 months…This is good news, as a rising oil price, is usually strongly positively correlated with economic growth…….

Is this a commodities bull-market?

Good morning. Global markets rallied last night as the USD continues to get “crunched” on the back of stronger corporate earnings and better-than-expected Chinese data. To add “fuel to the fire”, analysts are pushing back their interest rate revisions and we don’t see interest rates rising in the US or the rest of the world for the next six months…. Big call? Sure…….

Will RIO & BHP’s production report give us some much needed “spark?”

Good Morning, a “fight back” in crude oil and a great report from Walt Disney, saw the Dow Jones close +106 points. So we should have a good day, right?  More than 90 companies are scheduled to report results this week, including Goldman Sachs Group, Starbucks and American Express. Analysts are projecting a 9.5 per cent decline in first-quarter profit, compared with forecasts for almost flat growth at the start of the year. .. 

Are you feeling greedy or fearful, right about now?

The greed index is showing that at 70, investors are starting to feeling “good” about the prospects of the economy… should they be?Retail sales were poor last month (-0.3%), unemployment is still high at 5.7% and the government may even call an early election? Where is theCertainty? A big week ahead in US earnings will provide clarity…

Oil..oil…oil… Doha… will they cut production?

Good Morning, happy Friday…. This week has gone fast, right? We have seen crude oil break through $40/barrel (the DOHA meeting this weekend is strongly in focus on whether Russia and Saudi Arabia will cut production)…If they cut production, we see upside to $60/barrel as demand starts to pickup on the back of weaker inventories.  So this weekend’s meeting is crucial…

US banks beat expectations… is this the bottom for banking stocks?

Good morning, global stocks rallied as JP Morgan “smashed” expectations… Citigroup rallied more than 6%.... Dow Jones +187 points… here we go….. "While JPMorgan had a tough quarter, they still beat estimates. If earnings come in better than expected - with expectations so low - if we have even a decent beat, you may see us break out." Banks have been heavily shorted over the past several months, however, it appears that a lot of the bad news is largely factored in and we expect some buying momentum to build……..

An 11.9% tax on Chinese ecommerce websites? Blackmores? A2.. What are you going to do?

Good Morning, global stocks closed higher (Dow Jones +165 points), following better than expected US earnings and crude oil above $42/barrel on “speculation” that Saudi Arabia and Russia reached a consensus on an oil freeze during talks on Tuesday. Energy producers led the rally…. In Oz, Bellamy’s, Blackmores, A2 Milk & Bega Cheese are in “crisis talks” with Chinese authorities on a suggested 11.9% tax on products bought on ecommerce websites… Here we go….

Should ASX CEOs dress better to improve their stock prices?

Good Morning, so… the entire Geelong city council will be “kicked out” today out of parliament for “failure to deliver”… If you turned up to work every morning with purple hair and sunglasses, your boss may not be too happy, right? Image is important and you certainly don’t see an ASX listed director coming to work looking like this… Maybe they should, boosting their stock prices for once?

Opinion… are global central banks eating their green vegetables?

As we approach May, a lot of questions are being asked on whether global central bank intervention is actually, effective….

US Stocks are a sinking ship… Where to now?

Good Morning, happy Friday….Well, once again, it hasn’t been a great week on markets… US stocks “sank” (Dow Jones -177 points) amid uncertainty that recent policy intervention from global central banks is doing nothing to drive growth… Well… This is a worry, right? What should I be doing right about now?

Malcolm tells the banks to “get their act together”… Should they?

Good morning. So Malcolm tells the banks to “get their act together”, but the question is, will they listen? Weakening credit growth, flat earnings and a huge exposure to the mining services and energy sectors, won’t help the bad and doubtful debt cycle… but is this a turning point? Should investors be buying the banks right now? Not just yet….

Tighten your seat belts and do your shopping early.. we’re going lower

Good morning. We are calling a top in the US market short-term as global growth falters… tighten your stops, lock profits and even take some short positons… the JPY is strengthening.. gold is strengthening,.. IMF has called for weak growth… we see downside risk short-term, especially as we head into May… not the best of news on this Wednesday morning…

Today is “D-Day” for the RBA… Stevens, it is time to cut…

Good Morning, today is D-Day…No, we’re not talking about Terminator 2….We are talking about our good old friend, Glenn Stevens and whether like Yellen, he listens to us here at PEAK and cuts interest rates… Today… We certainly need it… Retail Sales released yesterday showed no growth in spending… Inflation is not an issue and is at the lower end of estimates…

Data... Data... Data... Will the RBA cut interest rates tomorrow?

Good morning. This week we have a large amount of data in AUS, which will give us some great insight into what is actually happening on the macro-economic front… Retail sales, RBA interest rate decision tomorrow, followed by inflation…. We feel that the RBA must cut interest rates and ensure that it follows the lead of the “big boys” such as japan, Europe and US and stimulate our economy… We need all the help we can get right now… so tomorrow, marks as an important day.

Opinion: A pinch and a punch for the first of the month… Will markets rally in April?

A “pinch” and a punch”, yes it is April 1 and don’t be fooled this morning…. New tax cuts? A promotion? Markets rallying the most in ten years… what we do know, that it is Friday and we are looking forward to the weekend. So the question is: will markets rally in April and what the catalysts will be?

Yellen signals caution for rate rise

The Standard & Poor's 500 Index climbed for a third day after yesterday posting the strongest increase in two weeks as Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen signalled officials will be cautious in raising rates due to heightened economic risks overseas. The dollar headed for its steepest monthly drop since 2010.

Opinion: Yellen speaks… markets rally… Is a new trend forming?

For the first time in a long time, Janet Yellen speaks… markets rally… is a new trend forming? Doubtful. Although interest rates in the US aren’t going to rise anytime soon, we are still cautious on global growth… Australian banks now down 8% in two trading days… really? There is an opportunity forming…