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Where does the cloud live?

There was great news for all government organisations in Australia last month with the Commonwealth’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and AWS announcing they had signed a Whole-of-Government agree

Digital ecosystems: The power of together

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

The makes or breaks of digital transformation

The role of IT has come a long way, and success relies heavily on an organisation’s ability to digitally transform, adapt and continually perform under the pressures of today’s digital era.

The hidden costs of hosting your infrastructure on-premise

Operating and running your mission critical infrastructure in-house is an enormous responsibility on top of your day job.

100% uptime turning WA businesses into fierce competitors

When we first set off on our journey in 2010 to be Australia’s leading Data Centre as-a-Service provider, we knew that providing our customers with 100% uptime was non-negotiable.

Why NEXTDC going carbon neutral is important for WA businesses

One of my proudest moments in my 6 years at NEXTDC was when we announced that our corporate operations were certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (

NEXTDC partners with Microsoft to bring ExpressRoute to Perth

NEXTDC Limited, one of Australia’s leading Data Centre-as-a-Service providers, has announced Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute will be made available at their P1 Perth data centre from February 2019, offer

Innovation strikes again... this time in WA

Innovative and forward thinking is a skill that doesn’t fall short within our Engineering and Design team.

Digital Infrastructures - Designed to Outlast and Outperform

As parents, grandparents and leaders in our industry, it’s up to us to do everything we can possibly do to make the world’s greatest and most powerful data centres, but we must do it, so they are more

NEXTDC and Superloop in Perth bring Singapore 4,000kms closer to Sydney

NEXTDC and Superloop to offer Australia’s fastest route to Asia.

Why data protection and business continuity are so critical for healthcare providers

Although Austr alia’s healthcare industry manages some of the nation’s most sensitive data, a significant gap still exists between understanding the importance of backups and being able to perform th

How service providers must protect data in the breach disclosure era

Australia’s new mandatory data breach disclosure laws, which came into force in February, have a particular impact on IT service providers that offer data hosting services to their customers.

Six Things to Think About Before Hiring a Digital Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a big deal for most businesses, both in terms of financial and time commitment.

The Importance Of Understanding Your Audience When Building A Website

When building a working and converting website for your business, it is now becoming more important than ever to create a satisfying and successful user experience.

Recognising the signs of disruption

Disruption: It’s become the latest buzzword in business, and is likely being heard with increasing regularity in every boardroom across Australia – and so it should be, because no industry or business

Seven strategies for better SCADA data protection

Although supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) are vital to the operation of a broad spectrum of critical infrastructure including manufacturing, transport and energy networks, they

Why four seconds could be killing your business online

If this page took more than four seconds to load, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

Getting your Marketing Budget on point in FY17-18 – Our top tips

Digital marketing often involves continuous quick decisions to react to new opportunities and market changes.

How to create a website that keeps customers coming back

Creating a positive user experience (or UX) on your company website can be the difference between engaging consumers and sending them to your competitors.

Protect your website, protect your business

You probably heard about the recent global cyber-attack, which reached 200,000 computers across 150 different countries and affected countless businesses including hospitals, Nissan and FedEx.

Wanna Cry?

You’ve probably all seen the news about some big global hack and most of it has gone over the everyday person’s head.