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Mark Pownall
Mark Pownall
Director of Strategy & Innovation
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Relevant, reliable and accessible

The hard copy Book of Lists might have a heritage going back 20 years, but it would be a mistake to think of this format as tired or dated.

Business News recognises that many of our readers prefer this pre-digital format. It acts as an entry-level product for our BNiQ Search Engine, where the data to create these lists can be accessed.

As a window into BNiQ, as well as a handy reference tool that doesn't require time to start up or a strong wireless connection, the Book of Lists is ideal.

The hard copy Book of Lists is a snapshot in time of the top end of our lists, with the most relevant ranking data visible. On many occasions this may be enough; when it's not, there is a much richer and deeper experience to be had online via our website.

The book, too, is more than just an annual update of a few established lists; we refresh our offering every year with new features and entries.

BNiQ contains too many lists to display in the hard copy edition, especially if we tried to include more than 5,000 organisations that appear on them. Click here to access the BNiQ industry lists.

The book contains what editorial teams have always done for readers – we've made a selection based on rank and our understanding of what the audience wants. That's so you can thumb through the pages at great speed and get on top of your subject at a moment's notice, without ever having to press a button.

Enter your organisation for FREE in BNiQ

Give your organisation a presence in BNiQ and potentially the hard copy Book of Lists. Where sufficient information exists an organisation may be ranked within their industry based on key data.

See where your organisation stands in the Western Australian market place ranked against others in your industry.

There is no cost associated with being on our lists. We collect this information so as to allow our readers and subscribers to have a more informed understanding of the Western Australian business environment. It also guides our journalists' coverage in stories both online and in the paper, allowing us to chart the ups and downs of different businesses and sectors.

Setting up your listing

In order to setup your organization within BNiQand potentially have it listed in the Book of Lists we first need to know which industry list/s to associate your company with. Once on a list, you can update the industry data at any time.

Control your listing

Once your company profile has been created you will have significant access to enter and edit your organisation's data, including: contact details; list-relevant data such as staff numbers and revenue; and the names and positions of key executives and management staff. In some cases, published data is obtained from third party sources that may override the company-supplied data.

You also have significant control over what data is publicly displayed, and in many cases have the option to mark information as 'Not For Publication', which allows us to rank your organisation in the Book of Lists, without publicly disclosing the figures in question. However, this setting may be overridden in cases where data is obtained from other sources.

You will need to contact us in order to make changes to your profile's description/biography; add or change the logo or image on your profile; and add or remove your organisation to or from BNiQ industry lists.

Get started today

Email Nicholas Clarke or call 9288 2104 to enter your organisation for free.

Advertise in the Book of Lists

With a shelf-life of 12-months and beyond, Book of Lists is vital for sourcing new business and partnership opportunities, investment or marketing leads, or researching past and future trends.

Participate now and put your brand and company message on the desks of Business News readers who make the majority of business buying decisions. A recent survey confirms our audience refers to the Book of Lists a minimum of once a month. That's at least 12 impressions per reader.

Book of Lists Advertising

The Book of Lists publication is distributed to approximately 5,500 annual subscribers, with an additional 500 copies sold throughout the year.

To find out more and/or reserve your space please call 9288 2100

Book of Lists covers 2007-2016



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