Power 500

Business News’ Power 500 is a new catalogue of Western Australia’s most influential business leaders across the state’s major industries, delivering you meaningful strategic and operational insight to inform your business planning. 

Formulated from two years of data from Business News’ Data & Insights platform as well as data provided directly by subscribers, and refined with Business News’ experienced editorial team, Power 500 provides a comprehensive overview of Western Australia’s most influential business leaders, from politicians, to mining magnates and property developers.

Independently conducted research free from advertising influence, the publication draws on years of data and intelligence to curate an impartial and accurate picture of the most influential people making decisions impacting the state, showing who’s shaping and steering your sector. 

Effective business intelligence improves your company’s ability to make good decisions, reduce risk, improve profitability, and increase your competitive advantage. Armed with the evidence and analysis, you’ll have the power to bring clarity to issues, the power to influence and act confidently, and the power to create meaningful strategic and operational insight.

Scheduled for release in May 2022, Business News Power 500 is not just who you know – it’s who you need to know. 

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