Vesna Sampson

Vesna has over 20 years' experience in the Corporate, SME and Education sector, as General Manager, Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and Coach.   

She is passion about collaborating with aspiring and seasoned, leaders and entrepreneurs across business, community and education; to co-create innovative solutions and environments, that inspire and enable people to thrive.

Over the span of her career, Vesna has been leading various systemic change projects, which have been instrumental in creating innovative organizational initiatives that ‘at the heart of it’ aim to foster ‘people and values’ centric cultures, practice good social responsibility and ecological sustainability. 

Vesna has also been involved with local community organizations in her role as President, Board and Committee member. Plus, she’s worked with various SME clients, enabling them to win multiple awards i.e., Best New Business, Best Customer Service, Best Marketing, Most Innovative Business and Best Environmental Business. 

Since 2020, Vesna joined Murdoch University, to assist in the design and delivery of various units within the Murdoch Business School. Ultimately, Vesna loves working with students; enabling them to envision and be part of co-creating and leading a more meaningful, just and thriving world for all.



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