Tim Mazzarol

How strong is your strategic network?

THE value of networking to businesses has been much touted in recent years, but why should a small business owner develop a strategic network, and what is a strategic network, anyway?Two dominant orga

Road east is littered with business corpses

Sometimes being a big fish in a small pond isn’t such a bad thing.

Does a plan add value for small businesses?

SMALL business owners are often told that they should prepare a business plan and that failing to plan is tantamount to planning to fail; but what is the evidence that having a business plan is likely

Stategic approach to market innovation

BY its nature innovation is a strategic process, and there is a close association between the type of innovation a business might seek to commercialise and the type of strategy it should adopt to see

How should you think about innovation?

INNOVATION is viewed by most businesses as the key to their competitiveness and something they should aspire to achieve.

Strategic planning to suit your business

STRATEGIC planning is one of the most difficult challenges facing business owners and managers, but there is no single approach that is suitable for all firms.

The right option

FOR small- to medium-sized firms there are only three generic strategic options and each requires careful and considered attention in order to get the strategy right.

Strategic myopia

THE ability to set clear long-term strategy is one of the most important things a business owner can do, but also one of the most difficult. Overcoming your own strategic myopia is even more critical in today’s fast-changing world.

Innovative organisation

ONE of the latest ‘buzz” words in management is the concept of the knowledge-based organisation. The Federal Opposition has even signalled its desire to create a ‘knowledge-nation’.

Plan no guarantee of success

THE process of developing a business plan seems likely to be more important to small business performance than the plan itself.

Small home office is here to stay

THE Small Office Home Office (SOHO) has been around for well over twenty years. However, its importance as a growing area of small business has emerged strongly only in the past five years.

Business owners need to add super

ANY small business owner should be aware that one of the ‘on-costs’ they need to pay is a contribution towards their employees’ superannuation.

Data accuracy gives cause for complaint

WINNING a new customer costs five times as much as it does to keep an existing one. Even so, the average business will lose between ten per cent and thirty per cent of customers each year.