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40under40 - Special Awards

WA Business News’ 40under40 Awards is not about first and last, it is not about creating tallies, scoreboards, or runnersup.

Tax warning

EVEN though the Federal Government has offered a one-year breather on tax consolidation, advisers and the accountants of WA’s largest company are warning against complacency.

Planning for a prosperous future

HAVING spent three days at the Financial Planning Association (FPA) confer-ence in Brisbane last week, it is probably appropriate for me to report on the state of the nation, insofar as financial planners are concerned.

World held to ransom over oil

HOW is it possible for 11 nations that, on a combined basis, command very little more than 15 pert cent of the world’s capitalisation, hold the rest of the world to ransom? Yet, every few weeks, we allow this to happen.

Overcoming glitches in the systems

BETWEEN 1990 and 1993 Australian business had a number of high-profile failures.

Dipping Aussie dollar in good company

HOW quickly things can change. In calendar year 1999, the Australian dollar was the third strongest in the world. In that year, it rose 6.2 per cent against the greenback.Last year was a very different one for the Aussie.

A cut not unkind

EVERYONE would like to know whether there is a likelihood of interest rate cuts in this cycle. The consensus of opinion among economists appears to be that there is a possibility of one more cut.

Economies settle in to a familiar cycle

RUDI Dornbusch is the Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, regarded as one of the finer establishments in the world.

Some crystal ball gazing for world markets

IT is nice to use the word prophecy and not have to follow that up with the interminable “Nostradamus” after it.The first Consensus Economics forecasts since the events of September 11 have been prepared and released.

Assets under management make a move in March

THE financial markets industry has been one of the quickest growing for a long time here in Australia. The latest bulletin from the KPMG Financial Services Division analyses this industry in some depth.

Japanese reforms must stay on track

AS the repercussions of the September 11 attacks in the US start to be felt I go back to my earlier comments that we are in uncharted territory. This is now being borne out as we see the full financial impact of the attacks.

ASIC needs to send a strong message

ONE of the headlines that caught my attention this week was one that read, “How do you make a small NZ airline? – Give them a large Australian one!”

Recession fears plague market

NOBODY can accurately predict the effect on financial markets of the attacks on the World Trade Centre. None of us has lived through an attack of terrorism of this magnitude.

How low can our interest rates go?

THE Reserve Bank of Australia last week surprised this columnist with its rate cut. I, for one, was of the view that the RBA would be satisfied that the latest economic data has suggested we had turned the economic corner in Australia.

Coaching yourself to a wealthier future

IT has been unkindly suggested that the WA Football Commission is going to be renamed Cobb & Co. This is supposedly because they run all their coaches out of town. Unkind, I would have thought.

Sparkling export performance puts Australia in the box seat

THE depreciation of the dollar has had a huge effect on our export position in this country for a little while now.This is emphasised by the release of the latest Current Account Deficit (CAD) figures for the June quarter.

Japan’s economic malaise to continue

THE Japanese economy continues to plunge into oblivion.For the first time since 1984 the Nikkei Dow fell below the psychologically important 11,000-point barrier.

Political slant to upbeat mood in the White House

MOST analysts around the world have been suggesting that the fate of the world was almost entirely dependent on the fate of the US economy.

Sky-high dreams all washed up

ALMOST exactly 12 months ago I wrote in Business News about a Ministry of Fair Trading warning regarding the activities of SkyBiz.

Breaking down the barriers

INCREASING numbers of Australians are becoming familiar with the concept of international investment. We can trade on the Internet, with some degree of impunity, on the American and other international stock markets.

Leading the world out of its downswing

DR Shane Oliver from AMP Henderson’s has looked at the state of the world at large. His initial feeling is that the global economy is experiencing its first synchronised downswing since 1982.

Saved by the dollar

I WAS at a function the other night where the Treasurer, Peter Costello, sang the praises of the Howard Government in bringing in a trade surplus for the first time since John Gorton was Prime Minister.

BT management takes stock and plans for 2002

MARCUS Fanning took the job as chief investment officer at BT Funds Management nine weeks ago. Up to that time he had been at AMP Hendersons.

Crash course in MLM evaluation

I DON’T think it is my imagination, but there appears to be a rash of multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities surfacing in Perth.

Economy recovering as election looms

DENNIS Mahoney is the chief economist for the BNP Paribas Group. His is an opinion that is well respected and highly regarded, particularly by this columnist.

Education a vital component in securing investment success

THE Australian Securities and Investments Commission is the regulator of the Managed Funds Industry and related financial markets. In that role, its main focus will always be the regulation of unscrupulous operators and scam perpetrators.

Instructive RBA survey

THE Reserve Bank of Australia has just released its latest survey of the fees charged by Australian banks in 2000.

Part-time jobs boost offsets full-time employment fall

THE unemployment rate in Australia is currently 6.9 per cent, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week.

World growth slows

THE latest research from BT Funds Management is definitive when it comes to the forecasts for economic growth around the world.

Outlook brightens somewhat as the ‘wow’ factor kicks in

JUNE was an interesting month. At a time when the general consensus of opinion was that we were seeing a slowing economy, we suddenly were hit with a raft of figures that introduced to economists the “wow” factor.

Targetting an ageing populace

I FEEL better knowing that I am not the only person in WA who feels older. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, there has been a surge in the number of people aged 85 and over in WA, with women outnumbering