Paul Farrell


Paul is the Managing Director of NGIS Australia. He has seen the company grow from being a boutique map maker and digitising house to a complete provider of mapping and location technology solutions to large enterprises, working with globally recognised technology companies such as Google, CARTO and Planet.

Paul holds qualifications including a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and an Executive MBA from UWA (University of Western Australia); and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from ANU (Australian National University). Paul is involved in many boards, including Pointerra, Frontier Si and the WA Regional Development Trust. He is a past National Chairman of SIBA (Spatial Industry Business Association) and was previously a board member for AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association).

Paul is a strategic thinker who has an appetite for seeing how far spatial information can change business and society for the better. He is sought after by both government and commercial entities to explore opportunities for business transformation by making data and technology open, accessible and location enabled. He is a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences and events.


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