Niv Dagan

Niv Dagan is an Executive Director of Melbourne based boutique funds management and corporate advisory firm, Peak Asset Management. He is also a regular financial commentator on Sky Business. 

Global markets “sink”, but it’s all in the water

Before we talk markets, I wanted to talk Emefcy Ltd. (EMC) this morning

Money is still “cheap” as NASDAQ hits a record… so why isn’t Australia’s tech sector booming?

It’s been a good 24 hours on markets, will our friend Yellen confirming that US interest rates will not rise until December 2016…

Yellen... see what a nice glass of red wine does for morale?

Janet Yellen, you little beauty…………..

Has the ASX lost its "Marbles?" It’s all about the Water…

Yesterday’s “shut-down” for 98% of the day’s trade, was nothing short of “embarrassing” for the new ASX CEO.

Janet Yellen, stop “sitting on the fence”… It’s time to announce QE4

The “big-one”… the FOMC federal meeting that will divide economists, analysts and central banks…

Global stocks rally but when will the “jitters” go away?

It has been a tough week for equities, with global markets “shaken” by volatility leading into to the US Fed meeting on Wednesday next week.

US stocks stable but oil sinks….. where to from here?

A fairly “uneventful night” last night (we like that), with the SP500 falling by 0.1%

Global markets “battered & bruised” but a better day in sight…..

We feel “battered and bruised” of late, with the ASX down from 5,600 to 5,230 over the past two weeks.

Global Equities & Bonds fall… first time since 2013… is this the start of “Armageddon?”

With the Dow closing down a “whopping” 394 points on Friday night, it’s time to go to the beach……….

US Inventories at 17 year lows but is it time to buy energy stocks now?

Tonight, our Hawks take on the Cats at the “G” and if it continues to rain, the hawks are in the box seat…

Aged-care stocks (EHE, REG, JHC) up strongly… but is this just a “dead-cat” bounce?

U.S. stocks held near record levels (Dow Jones -11 points) and the dollar gained as traders digested mixed data in the world’s largest economy amid bets interest rates will stay low.

US manufacturing contracts and the NASDAQ rallies to all-time-high … why?

We have another busy day today, meeting with CFOAM management who are in town and attending an investor lunch for a potential new PEAK opportunity…

Rio Tinto sued over Talcum Powder? Aged Care Sector “Hurting”… Oil Up…

RIO Tinto has been sued over talcum powder cancer links…..

Lessons from the Australian Earnings Season: Our Top 5 Picks

US stocks were higher on Friday night (Dow +85 points), Crude oil +2.97% and the SPI is +33 points, as US payrolls increased by 151,000 in August……….. Less than expected….

Friday is here but US payrolls await….

Yes, the end of the week is finally here and boy, hasn’t been a busy one….

Does the end of the AUS reporting season translate into some profit taking in September?

Yes, Wednesday as here and as we prepare ourselves for the official “last day” of the AUS reporting season, we sit down and have a big “sie” of relief…

Hawthorn slides in the top 4 “just”… but the Eagles in form as finals are here…

Hawthorn won by 1 point against Collingwood and finished in the top 4…..

US markets take a “breather”…. But will Yellen shift her stance?

Another “extremely busy” week with over 100+ companies reporting their FY results

Is there a relationship between a football side’s CEO and creating shareholder value?

The decision to delist Harvey, Petrie, Firrito and Dal Santo a week before finals is a “nightmare” for the North Melbourne Football Club…

As spring approaches and reporting season comes to an end, what will drive our markets higher?

Another busy day ahead for us with the likes of Blackmores, Caltex, Healthscope, Oil Search and Amcorreporting their FY results.

The Olympics are over… but on markets, things are about to “heat up”….

A banana thrown at Eddie Betts… The IOC apologies to the 10 athletes who were thrown in a Brazilian jail… The Aussie team’s “hit & misses”….

If a company reports a $8 billion loss, should the CEO receive a $13M pay check?

BHP’s $8 Billion loss is casting doubt on its CEO getting paid well over $10M in cash and incentives…

BHP reports a $6.4 Billion loss but is it a “buy”?

BHP had its worst half in over 50 years as the miner posted a “huge” loss ($6.4 billion) on write-downs in Brazil.

Global volatility is at record lows… is this the “calm” before the storm?

Another very busy day ahead for us with the RBA minutes and BHP, BKN, CGF and WBC to name some of the big names set to report…

AUS reporting season moves into “2nd gear”…. What can we expect?

The Olympics has certainly been entertaining and yes, the Hawks are still on top of the ladder (just).

Party like its 1999?

It surely has been another busy weak, as the AUS reporting season has gathered steam….

Will a win in the Basketball vs. the USA, lead to stock market outperformance?

Just like the stock market, the Americans are “hurting” us once again…

The census… is your information really secure?

An eventful night for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) with the website down, following the Census due to “hacking” concerns?

Will BEN’s positive earnings drive the banking sector higher? Does “positive announcement drift” actually work?

China has had a big night in the medal tally, however, in about 20 minutes, our Aussie girls are going for Gold in the rugby 7s vs. New Zealand….

Will the Olympics lift the stock market?

The AUS reporting season gathers steam with a number of the big names reporting….

Bank of England cuts growth forecasts… is Brexit really over?

So the Bank of England cut growth forecasts by the most ever and announced a large stimulus, as policy makers unveiled a stimulus package aimed at containing the fallout from the U.K.’s secession vote.



A new month, a new outlook… The RBA to cut interest rates, today.

Global stocks were hit once again in February, however, today is the 1st of March and we are coming out with a new outlook. The RBA will join other central banks and will cut interest rates today. This will provide “much-needed” stimulus for local growth… read more… 

Will WBC report a huge write-down on Slater & Gordon? Will ANZ follow?

Good Morning, yes… It is Monday morning…. and guess what? It’s May… “Sell in May and go away?”… will this be relevant in 2016? Maybe… Global markets appear to be fragile, with US earnings providing to be “some-what” positive (although coming off a very low EPS expectations). On Friday,the Bank of Japan sat still and didn’t unleash any further stimulus… so what can we expect from AUS bank earnings today? WBC comes out first… how big will the SGH write-down be? Will net interest margins fall? Cash earnings remain flat… all likely..

China… Your Growth is closer to 6%, not 6.9%... Fact.

Good Morning from Beijing… I have spent the last four days here talking at the AUS-China Investment seminar across four cities with Partners of Hall Chadwick and Thomas Geer. It has been a “surreal” opportunity and after speaking with the locals about the economy, government policies and eating lots of local Chinese food, I can comfortably tell you that growth in China is definitely slowing…. But there is more to it…..

Has the ASX lost its "Marbles?" It’s all about the Water…

Yesterday’s “shut-down” for 98% of the day’s trade, was nothing short of “embarrassing” for the new ASX CEO.

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Today is “D-Day” for the RBA… Stevens, it is time to cut…

Good Morning, today is D-Day…No, we’re not talking about Terminator 2….We are talking about our good old friend, Glenn Stevens and whether like Yellen, he listens to us here at PEAK and cuts interest rates… Today… We certainly need it… Retail Sales released yesterday showed no growth in spending… Inflation is not an issue and is at the lower end of estimates…

Dear Malcolm, Calling an election on Mother’s Day is selfish…

Good Morning, trust that you had a nice weekend a, spent some quality time with family & friends and a great Mother’s Day…“Dear Malcolm, yesterday wasn’t all about you…. It was about our hard-working mothers, who give back so much to their families and the economy, itself… Couldn’t you have just waited for this morning to announce a 2 July Election?

Malcolm… Are you happy now?

Good Morning, happy Friday! It’s been a great week for global markets, driven by better than expected earnings and a pick-up in commodities…TheXJO is now above 5,300…. A level that it hasn’t witnessed for nearly six months.Iron ore closed up 8% last night to over $70/tonne… wow…. Remember that it was only a few months ago, when iron ore was trading near $38/tonne…

If Turnball was a stock, would he have peaked in September?

Good Morning, today voting resumes in the AUS election…. The coalition needs several seats to form a majority government, which is looking more difficult by the hour.If Turnball was a company, his stock price in September couldn’t have been higher. The former Goldman Sachs banker had just seized the prime ministership from Tony Abbott in a party coup, blindsiding a conservative bloc within Australia’s ruling coalition.