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Saraceni works for a result

Hard work and a focus on objectives may seem like a simple formula for success but it’s one that has served Luke Saraceni well.

Tax focus for Property Council president

Having recently taken on the role of president of the Property Council, Luke Saraceni has clear plans for what he wants to achieve for the industry during his tenure.Mr Saraceni says the Property Coun

Locals move in on hotels

As the hotel market begins a well overdue upswing, the national trend of Asian hotel investors leaving the market and having their places filled by Australian investors may soon hit Perth.

Templeman gives in to her creative urge

Artistic individuals and business acumen are often considered mutually exclusive. Yet one Western Australian who could claim success in both fields is Sarah Templeman, who is heading back to her artistic roots after two forays into retailing.

Outcome goal drives size choice

One of the first, and most obvious, choices to make when choosing an employer is whether to work for a large or small organisation. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and provide a different range of experiences.

Work’s rewards more than just the financial

In the increasingly competitive market for good employees, Generation Xers have the pick of places to work, not just within Perth, but also the national and international markets.

Flexibility and freedom valued

Freedom was undoubtedly an essential part of what those at the WA Business News forum considered important in their lives, but a professional career means freedom is tempered with a certain amount of responsibility.

Split on city’s state

The debate over how Perth is viewed by those outside the state rages as heatedly now as it ever has.

Compromises of a laid-back life

The Generation Xers who participated in the roundtable discussion presented very strong, often polarised views about their city and the benefits, or otherwise, of calling Perth home.

A generation that’s never lost for a definition

Douglas Coupland’s seminal book Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, which coined the term ‘Generation X,’ also used several other expressions, most of which have not yet entered mainstream language, but nonetheless provide an entertaining insi

Intergenerational common ground a challenge

Differences between generations in attitudes, priorities and experience can lead to divergent opinions on many occasions, however the same divergence of opinions can also be found within a single generation.

GST plays on the margins

Goods and Services tax on property will increase if a bill introduced to Federal Parliament becomes law.

Low profile keeps Kebbel on track

Perth-based Kebbel Investment Bank has kept a remarkably low profile in the four years since its inception, raising more than $700 million and having been involved in property projects totalling between $2 billion and $3 billion.

Special Report - GenX ready to take the wheel

The inherent danger associated with applying a label to something as diverse as a generation is that such classifications can ultimately disappoint, failing to live up, or down, to expectations.

Broome development waits on outcome of title claims

The outcome of Native Title negotiations in coming months will be critical for the property sector in Broome amid mounting development and cost pressures.

Staff short as tourism growth gathers pace

With more than $100 million of tourist developments and upgrades scheduled, a substantial increase in direct flights from several airlines and tourism operators anticipating a record year, things are looking good for Broome’s tourism sector.

$3.5m upgrade for Bayswater Hotel

Perth’s century old Bayswater Hotel has recently undergone a $3.5 million refurbishment.The three-way partnership of Charles Letizia, Lloyd Marchesi and Sam Sardelic has owned the hotel for more than

Special Report: Alcock nurtures building sector’s next generation

Born and raised in Kellerberrin Dale Alcock has become somewhat of a poster boy for the building industry, working his way up from apprentice bricklayer to 50 per cent owner in the nation’s second largest residential building company.

BCITF targets kids’, industry’s future

For nearly 15 years the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund has collected levies from all construction projects in Western Australia and invested the money into the training of skilled labour.

Height showdown looming

A new City of Stirling report has criticised the findings of last September’s State Government survey which recommended a height cap in Scarborough.

‘Superior’ system helps WA market

Western Australia’s relatively immature real estate market, and its more efficient contracting system, were two convincing reasons to keep the current sales system, according to Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) president Greg Rossen.

‘Value’ bid win for Multiplex

The Town of Cambridge has named Multiplex as the preferred tenderer on the multi-million dollar Perry Lakes redevelopment.

Skills shortage a political priority

Construction industry advocates say a shortage of apprentices is the major issue they will be taking up with the newly elected Gallop Government.

Business talent shines through

The 40under40 Awards are rapidly becoming the premier event in Perth for the city’s business community. And if the 2005 guest list is any indication, a ticket to the awards is the hottest item in town come February.

A celebration of success

The 700 people who attended this year’s WA Business News 40under40 Awards made history when they walked down the red carpet as the first guests at a private function held at Parliament House in the building’s history.

Palmer mapping medicine’s future

This year’s 40under40 First Amongst Equals winner, Lyle Palmer, has dedicated his exceptional career to the study of genetics to improve human health.

Papadoulis walks long road

It has been suggested that success in business doesn’t often happen until there has been a business failure. According to that view, then, Manny Papadoulis is well on his way to success.

Barnaba stays on top of his game

Mark Barnaba was a joint First Amongst Equals winner in 2002, and since then he has gone on to reach further successes.

Recognition lifts Haunold

Last year’s 40under40 First Amongst Equals winner Darren Haunold recently celebrated the opening of cellar door sales at his winery, Wills Domain.

Award good for Buzza’s business

When Nathan Buzza was named the 40under40 First Amongst Equals in 2003 his business, Commtech Wireless, had 30 staff and a turnover of $5 million.

Happ to test shire at SAT

The planning policies of the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River are to be tested in the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).


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Work on $125m Midland Gate upgrade under way this month

Construction will get under way later this month on the $125 million transformation of the Midland Gate Shopping Centre.