Kelly McCourt

Call for more tourism funds

THE WA tourism industry’s new representative body has wasted no time in calling for more public funding to market the State as a destination for travellers.

Japan a target market for WA tourism push

THE Japanese may be among the world’s big investors but despite this global outlook on the fiscal side they’re a bit afraid of travel.

Chocolate makers soldier on

EASTER may well be a time of rest, relaxation and general chocolate-scoffing for the majority of West Australians, but as for Perth’s chocolatiers, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ningaloo tourists in for a whale of a time

Eco-tourism; isn’t it funny how things change - 50 years ago tourists payed to hunt and kill magnificent animals, now they hand over their AMEX cards to pet them, swim with them, or simply see them.

Travel show on the road again

FROM its humble beginnings on the Oaks Lawn at UWA in 1984 as The World Travel Fair, owned by Jetset Tours and sponsored by The Sunday Times, to its peak period in 1997 as The Get Away Holiday Expo with 180 stands, The Holiday

Magic fingers ease tension

THINGS just aren’t what they used to be. Professional massage used to be a service performed only by beauty therapists in spas or salons for women who wanted to give themselves a little treat while their manicures dried.

Cruisin’ in super decadence

THERE are few images as romantic or decadent as those of sunning yourself on the deck of a luxury 30m cruiser, surrounded by a pristine ocean of blue, filled with colourful delicate coral and interrupted only by the splashing of dolphins.

The latest in travel

KEEP up to date with the latest in corporate travel news by having Business News home delivered each week.Every two weeks you will find informative articles that are inval-uable for planning your next business trip or executive holiday.

Country practices up in the air

TRYING to nail down funding for health services in regional and rural WA has always been a problem simply because of the vast nature of the State.

Step out DVT

DEEP Vein Thrombosis or Economy Class Syndrome as the condition has recently been dubbed, has aroused a massive amount of public interest during the past year.

Big spenders hit town

THE push to promote Perth as a conference destination has, according to a recent survey by the Perth Convention Bureau, definitely paid off.

Lowering the risk of DVT

IF you had asked the average person on the street two years ago what Deep Vein Thrombosis was, it’s likely you would have received a blank stare for an answer.

Endeavour adds two practices

WA CORPORATE health operation Endeavour Healthcare is planning a further capital raising and a stock market listing, following its acquisition of two eastern states general practice groups.

C means business

THE rumours surrounding the opening of the new C Restaurant have taken on a life of their own with speculation that the former Hilite 33 revolving venue had been transformed into everything from a nightclub to a skimpy bar.

Kick off the kilos

Christmas and New Year celebrations are the ultimate “Get-out-of-being-healthy” card of life. Never will you find a better excuse for inactivity, over eating and alcohol consumption.

Keep your ticker ticking

It’s always a little bit sad to see the silly season come to an end. After a month of parties, holidays, presents and all the stuff you just know is not good for you, it’s sometimes understandably difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Navigating insurance

CHOOSING health insurance is no mean feat. While many people hopped under the proverbial umbrella earlier in the year to take advantage of the Lifetime Health Cover, not all had the time to choose a policy which represented the best value for them.

Danger lurks in the sun

SO, you’ve been hiding that white belly of your’s under a business suit for the last six months.Now its time for some fun but beware dangers lurk when it comes to fun in the sun.

Gold Plate – as good as it gets

THERE is always a certain prestige involved in winning an award, and as far as the restaurant industry is concerned it doesn’t get much more prestigious than the annual Gold Plate Awards.

Award stalwart calls it a day

IT MUST be a lovely feeling knowing that you’ve won something so many times that you can win no more. It must be great to have achieved so much that you’re awarded an award for the amount of awards you’ve received. Welcome to the world of Alain Fabregues

Fighting festive fat

THE festive season is upon us again and for many that means a diary full of Christmas functions.It’s a time for attending countless corporate functions and eating something deep-fried from every tray that passes within arm’s length of your mouth.

Society’s silent killer

JUVENILE diabetes (or Type 1 diabetes) is a terrible and deadly disease affecting the most helpless members of our society – children.

Australians at risk

WE may consider ourselves a developed and healthy nation, but diabetes is getting the better of Australians.

Have the heart to walk

There’s a great difference between exercising so you can fit into the jeans that always used to look great, or that new dress you just know will look great, and exercising for health.

Fitness shines in the sun

WATCHING Grant Hackett and Kieren Perkins thrash it out in the 1500m freestyle during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was an emotional and inspiring 15 minutes for many Australians.

Professionals opt for surgery to stay on top

AGING in any industry isn’t generally considered an added bonus.To keep looking their best, many people are turning to plastic surgery.

Food standards code released

PROPOSED new food label requirements aim to reduce diet-related disease, assist allergy sufferers and inform consumers about what is in their food.The proposed Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code has been released by the Australia New Zealand Food

Paying for thin air – the latest trend to hit

THOSE who scoff at buying bottled water will find the latest craze to hit Perth most amusing … paying for thin air.

Awards recognise achievement

SMALL businesses have long been the great Australian dream - owning your own enterprise, doing the tough slog and hopefully turning your small business into big business.And a silent part of that dream has always been recognition as a genuine and legit

Belmont small business awards strap

Affix PromotionsAffix Promotions, a family business, provides personalised and promotional products through pad printing, screen printing and embroidery

Holistic health ‘new rage’

HOLISTIC health is the consideration and combined control of mental, physical and emotional well being (among other things, depending on your interpretation).