Digby Scott

Maximising your success

CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve won the war for talent and secured a great new hire to work in your management team. They show all the promise that you’ve been hoping for, and they seem like a self-starter.

Reaching peak performance in the workplace

THINKING about taking on a new role? Have you been getting calls from the headhunters lately? If so I’d advise you look before you leap – starting in a new role is a high-risk activity.

Turnover figures show leaders need direction

SOMETIMES it’s a useful exercise to remember your feelings when you started you most recent job. Can you recall the excitement, the anticipation and the adrenaline?

Pushing through the performance limits

A FEW years ago, I found myself, to my total surprise, in the lead of a windsurfing race. Never before had I been in such a position, and I certainly had no idea how I got there. It felt foreign, weird, and uncomfortable.

Taking a leadership role in your own life

WE read a lot about leadership in this day and age. Management texts abound. Training courses proliferate. And I wonder – why now?

Mind and mouth a powerful combination

DON’T think of a big leafy green tree!Hmmm…What did you just think about? Hands up anyone who didn’t think of a big leafy green tree. No hands? Gotcha.

A little reflection makes a big difference

EVER seen that billboard ad with the aged barefoot water skier blasting along, holding the bar with his foot? I love that ad. The funeral home advertising it has a simple, yet powerful message: “Live life to the full”.

Making choices can help to lighten the load

“BUT I don’t have a choice!”We’re all guilty of uttering this phrase at some point, right? For example, you’d love to stay that extra day away down south.

The power of projection and perceptions

IF you’ve ever played golf, you’ll relate to this scenario. You’re on the tee, driver in hand, looking down the beautiful green fairway.

Leading Edge

Listening a vital part of communication STANDARD terminology for someone who is deaf is “hearing impaired”. Interesting. Why don’t they say, “listening impaired”? Because there’s a difference between the two words. A crucial difference.

Do it yourself redundancy the smart way

THERE are three types of people in the world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. In today’s workplace, the spectators and the dazed have short life spans. Which category are you in?

Learn to live life on your own terms

HAVE you ever known anyone who naturally just attracts others to them? I’m not talking about vigorously extroverted people who become the centre of attention at parties and gatherings.

Leaders need role clarity for results

I MAKE it a habit of checking out the business and management sections of many of Perth’s bookstores.

There is no perfect time for action

IT took me ages to write this week’s column. Why? I was waiting for the right time, the right idea, the right frame of mind. The problem was, this newspaper has a publishing deadline.

Addressing high employee turnover rates

EMPLOYEE turnover and keeping good people should be issues high on the priority list of anyone responsible for managing staff. If that’s you, keep reading.

Preparing to run the race of your life

TO sustain peak performance in today’s corporate environment is no easy feat. Building downtime into your schedule is key to maintaining a leading edge.Imagine you are an elite athlete (go on, at least give it a try).

Look within for leadership qualities

LAST week I was discussing with a client, a senior manager in a software development company, the global issues the company faced. He expressed his frustration at what the executive team was doing to solve the organisation’s dilemmas.

The search for deeper meaning

HENRY David Thoreau said: “Most men would feel insulted if it were proposed to employ them in throwing stones over a wall, and then throwing them back merely that they might earn their wages. But many are no more worthily employed now.”

Careering out of control?

HOW stressed does your work make you? Perhaps the answer has less to do with the environmental factors you face at work, and more to do with your ability to handle the stress these environmental factors can produce.

Managing your career portfolio

ONCE upon a time, it was simple. For most, the career path ahead consisted of a succession of full time jobs of increasing responsibility, sometimes all within the one organisation.

Working to attain life’s balance

There’s a new term that’s been coined in the last few years: Work/Life. Its origins lie in our culture’s evolution to the point where work and the rest of life are becoming so blurred we’ve even in-vented a term where the

The power of possibility thinking

AFTER Roger Bannister first broke the four-minute mile in 1954, 32 others did it after him in the same year and 300 did it in the next year. Why? People suddenly believed it was possible.

Go global – and reap the benefits

WORKING overseas ain’t what it used to be.

Don’t just stand there – do something

Dissatisfied with your career? On the road to nowhere? Take a look at your options. Believe it or not, at any point in your career, at any time, you always have options to choose from.

Self-marketing – a necessary evil?

OUR Australian culture is unique. I think the word that best describes us and our funny ways is egalitarian.

The art of networking career success

IF you found yourself out of work tomorrow, how many phone calls would it take for you to get another job? Fifty? Twenty? Ten? Five? One? No idea?

Your own personal board of directors

“NO man is an island, entire of itself.”John Donne had a point, don’t you think? Sure, he lived around 400 years ago, but this wisdom is as relevant today as it was back then.

Job progression – paradox for our time

IMAGINE yourself driving in the country and being totally lost. Beautiful countryside, great looking sheep, but you’re not where you want to be. You stop to ask directions from someone who looks like a local.

Four cornerstones of career success

WANT a successful career? Forget the resume. Ignore the job ads. Put down that book on interview skills, and read on to learn about what you really need to know to make something of your career.

New mindset for the millennium

YOU are the CEO of your own career. It’s a popular saying in these days of downsizing and outsourcing. But what does being the CEO of You Pty Ltd actually require and why is it necessary to chart your own course?

Hiring a coach

It pays to be discerning when hiring a coach. To get the most out of a coaching relationship, you will be required to be totally upfront and honest. You want someone you can trust.