Chris Taylor

Making recruitment work

IN a recent interview with Geoff Blades, a director of Westmorland Consultant Group, I was reminded of some of the fundamental lessons that many employing organisations seem to consistently fail to heed when undertaking a recruitment

Developing a comprehensive HR system

IT is an unfortunate situation that most small to medium enterprises (employing less than 100 staff) have failed to invest in the development of human resource systems and/or practices.

HR must grasp its opportunity

IN the hit movie Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams encouraged students to seize the day, to be all they could be, before it was too late. The message was clear and powerful, yet disturbing at times in its impact on the key players.

The challenge of people management

I spoke to colleague Jane King in relation to a key management challenge – retaining key or valuable employees in the modern economy.

Developing an organisation

WE’VE all heard the adage that people are an organisation’s most important asset.

Market HR or perish

There is no denying that the field of human resources has undergone significant change in recent years.