Antonia Girardi

Antonia has over 20 years' experience as an academic at The University of Western Australia and Murdoch University. Since 2011, she has held several key leadership roles in conjunction with her substantive teaching and research position in Human Resources Management. 

She was appointed as the Head of the Murdoch Business School in 2020 and has been instrumental in supporting faculty and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Antonia has been described as a positive academic leader and spearheaded several strategic projects within the Higher Education sector, including the redesign of the undergraduate business program at Murdoch. She has received a Murdoch University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in recognition of her leadership in this space.

Antonia is passionate about student employability and has received seed funding to explore the importance graduate employers attach to personal adaptability skills; and how University curricula can address such skill development and contribute to graduate employability

Antonia is the first in her family to complete a University degree and is grateful for the opportunities the qualification has presented her in achieving career and personal goals. 


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