Ann Macbeth

Swift death to those caught by the net

We all know speed kills, in whatever form you use it, and the speed of the Internet has its own risks. The super speed of the net is credited with bringing down the Multilateral Agreement on Investment – that recent attempt by transnational business and


A TWO hour workshop for beginners covering starting a new business, will be held at the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre on 16 June 16 and be repeated on 6 July.

Doubleview develops

The proximity of Inna-loo and Doubleview to major shopping centres and Scarborough beach front is proving popular with developers.

PA bails on planned TMP deal

PA CONSULTING Group has called off the proposed transfer of its recruitment business to TMP Worldwide.

Corporate players live life in a bubble

The current flutter of hearts along the Terrace is probably not due to coronary disease but another 20th century life threatening condition: bubble-itis.

Next generation demands responsibility

Whichever wag said ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ certainly was not foreseeing today’s world. As young people pay the usual obeisance to motherhood on Mother’s Day, perhaps we baby boomers and generation Xers should be squirming uncomfortably.

Violent world bodes ill for future

WITHOUT wishing to rain on anyone’s Anzac parade, it is perhaps time to look at the future of violence. This has been a bloody century.