Alan Langford

Confidence up post-poll

Consumerand business sentiment on one hand, and confidence on the other, have jumped either side of the election such that optimists now comfortably outnumber pessimists.

Economic swings and roundabouts

The Western Australian economy is at the crossroads of a switch away from its very heavy reliance on resources-sector construction in favour of other parts of the economy – the interest rate-sensitive

Credit crunch could reach WA

WESTERN Australia's insulation from the global financial market turmoil is getting thinner by the day, as the risk of a significant and broadly based decline in commodity prices rises with each disturbing escalation of the credit crunch.

Blakers building better relationships

For more than 20 years, Blakers Pump Engineers had relied on a fragmented spreadsheet system to track its business operations for everything from pricing projects to commissioning new clients.

Oil price dip could hurt

WA may be half a world away from the epicentre of the fallout from the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in the US, but that does not mean the US housing market’s woes will not eventually turn up in the prices of key commodities.

Delays may sustain economic growth

All the stars continue to be aligned in favour of the Western Australian economy, on the back of a fourth successive year of above 30-year average real global economic growth.

Economy in good shape to ride out commodity price downturn

The importance of the business investment cycle to Western Australia’s economy cannot be stressed highly enough.

Leading the charge, again

DESPITE lingering doubts about the durability of the US economic recovery, the outlook for the Australian economy in general, but the WA economy in particular, is exceptionally bright.